Halestorm – “Back From the Dead” – RSD Exclusive Cut-Shaped Picture Disc (2022)

For the Record Store Day drop on June 18, 2002, Halestorm released an RSD Exclusive Cut-Shaped Picture Disc for their song “Back from the Dead”. The shape was pretty cool as it is a tombstone which definitely fits the title of the song. Only 2,800 were made and distributed and I was able to get one. The shaped disc is one of the attracting things about this release, but it is also the cover of The Who’s “Long Live Rock” which isn’t on any Halestorm album and at this point in time the only physical release of the song.

The vinyl is not a 45 RPM but is played at the standard 33 so don’t hit 45 like I did and listen to it super fast as if the Chipmunks were singing. Yes, I know it says 33 at the bottom of the vinyl, I didn’t read it and assumed it was a typical 45. But it was a fun way to hear the song.


“Back from the Dead” is the title track to their newest album which came out on May 6, 2022. The original single for this came out back on August 21, 2021 and when I first heard it, I knew it was Halestorm doing what they do best, which is kick names and take ass…wait…it is kick ass and take names. It is a blisteringly heavy track and when Halestorm goes heavy, they kill it. The song is about finding your way back from depression and taking strength in that power. Lzzy has been opened about her battles with depression and nice to see she is shining example of fighting it and what you can when you can overcome it (though never cure it).


The B-Side is a cover of The Who’s “Love Live Rock” which Halestorm recorded for a rock documentary called Long Live Rock … Celebrate the Chaos and was released in 2021. The movie is about rock and how today’s fans love it and don’t believe rock is dead. Halestorm is known for doing some great covers and making them their own and they do that with this one as it is Stormified. It is a 3 minute raucous and rowdy rocker and a great rock anthem. Plus, who doesn’t love The Who…I mean really, who doesn’t…because you are wrong!!

And there you have it. An actual cool release from Record Store Day. Now I am sure “Long Live Record” will find a release in a physical format, but for now, I have an exclusive physical release of it.

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