Friday New Releases – August 12, 2022

Happy Friday everyone…you did it! You made it to another weekend and not a moment too soon. To celebrate, why don’t you help yourself to some new music. I know I will as there are two I’m really interested in and they are highlighted in Blue. Take a look through the batch we have for your this week as we have over 35 releases today. See which ones you want and let us know. Also, let us know what we may have missed so everyone else knows as well. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  • 71wEDFrXRML._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Hollywood Undead – Hotel Kalifornia – (BMG Rights Mgmt): I’m not a huge Rap fan by any means. Not something I like much. However, throw in some metal and hard rock beats and Hollywood Undead is something I really enjoy. They are now on their 8th Studio album and I am still along for the ride.
  • 91odpcia9kL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Collective Soul – Vibrating – (Fuzze-Flex Records): Collective Soul has been around since 1992 and 30 years later, still going strong. These local boys (well, close enough as they are from Stockbridge, GA and was from Marietta, GA) have been a favorite since the beginning and I am happy to add another album to the collection. They are on their 11th studio album and can’t wait.

And then we have a long batch of Frontiers Records releases….

  • 811MwXF9ErL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Generation Radio – Generation Radio – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71Gyt4LAvwL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sunstorm – Brothers in Arms – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71anaW2PblL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Restless Spirit – Second to None – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71hOLQIkodL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Hydra – Point Break – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71QFSNYfOHL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  Nordic Union – Animalistic – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71GGpC+7FWL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Vanden Plas – Live and Immortal (Live) – (Frontiers Records)

And then all the other releases…check them out!!

  • 91s0utcwlwL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Danny Elfman – Bigger. Messier. – (ANTI)
  • A1T6H7FjoUL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Goo Goo Dolls – Chaos in Bloom – (Warner Records)
  • 81BG43intdL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Arch Enemy – Deceivers – (Savage Messiah Music / Territory to Century Media)
  • 81HmQqXvKcL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Danger Mouse & Black Thought – Cheat Codes – (BMG Rights Mgmt)
  • 91jg9A29xdL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Erasure – Day-Glo (Based on a True Story) – (Mute Artists)
  • A14WeUVqE3L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost – (Nuclear Blast)
  • download-15  Norma Jean – Death Rattle Sing For Me – (Solid State Records)
  • 81TTNxW+zSL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Hell Fire – Reckoning – (EasyRider Records)
  • images  A-Z – A-Z – (Metal Blades Records)
  • 7104eVoYqOL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Carrion Vael – Abhorrent Obsessions – (Unique Leader Records)
  • download-11  Thee Oh Sees – A Foul Form – (Castle Face)
  • 61+0DMhdpTL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Pale Waves – Unwanted – (Dirty Hit)
  • 816K9ONYqLL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Boris – Heavy Rocks 2022 – (Relapse Records)
  • 91oiI2alwOL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Paranoid Style – For Executive Meeting – (Bar None Records)
  • A1IHOD9cW-L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Twiddle – Every Last Leaf – (No Coincidence Records)
  • 71sJ6gqc-OL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_-1  Darro – Accidents – (IndieBox Publishing)
  • A1RqHL4UJQL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Royal Coda – To Only A Few At First – (Blue Swan Records / Rise Records)
  • 51iQPzRGt-L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sylvan Esso – No Rules Sandy – (Loma Vista Recordings / Concord)
  • 61O0LHnZB7L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Grazer – Melancholics Anonymous – (Cascine)
  • 91d9Lt2J6sL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Motte – Cold + Liquid – (Ba Da Bing!)
  • 71ihwa3HBNL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Lumenette – All Around My Head – (Hammock Music)
  • 81TRz8GS63L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Wade Bowen – Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth – (Bowen Sounds / Thirty Tigers)
  • 71Av7MLvnpL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_ Lamar4ever – 4 The Time Being – (4everVisionz)

  • 711Uo99JSCL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Royce da 5’9″ – The Heaven Experience, Vol. 1 – (Heaven Records)

  • 91yqYWdgjaL._AC_UL640_FMwebp_QL65_  NandoSTL – Y.O.T.A. – (NandoSTL Records)

  • 91A2y4FpJuL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Maddie Zahm – You Might Not Like Her E.P. – (Dollgirl Records / AWAL Recordings)
  • 81CNixTVUwL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Bella Poarch – Dolls E.P. – (Warner Records)
  • download-21  LOLO – Lauren – (No Reverse Records)

39 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – August 12, 2022

  1. The most surprising thing I have ever learned on your blog, including learning your movie star identity, is that Collective Soul are still making music in 2022.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some potentially good ones and my step-son will be happy to know there’s a new Arch Enemy album out. However, Bella Poarch should be sued for false advertising. With the layout of the video and the image, I thought she was going to be a metal singer but the video might be cool, it’s not my cup of tea.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll pass on this week’s releases. It’s ok though. Today, I received the last of the Rush Sector box set collection. I’m happy with that.

    Liked by 1 person

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