Winger – “Hungry” – 7″ Single

We are now on to the 2nd single from the group of 6 I purchased a few weeks back. The first was Winger’s debut single for “Madalaine”. This time around we have the fourth and final single from the debut album. The single is for the song “Hungry” which was released in September 1989 a year or so after the albums release. The song didn’t do a well as their other songs only reaching #35 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Chart, but it did break the Billboard Top 100 reaching #85.

The song was written by Kip Winger and Reb Beach and seems to be about craving to be with the woman he loves. When he’s apart it makes him want her even more. He can’t eat, sleep and all he thinks about is being with her. Not at all creepy. The single I have is the standard U.S. release with the B-Side as “Time To Surrender” also from the debut album. Both songs are the album version and have not been edited.


The song “Hungry” is a real ball buster. It is a like a party that never stops. There is a string arrangement at the beginning before the song explodes in your face with the sinister guitars, menacing bass licks and a monster drum sound. The chorus is a little haunting and sweet at the same time that he misses her so much. What a talent these guys are. No denying. Too bad they dumbed themselves down for their audiences.


The B-Side is “Time to Surrender” and it sounds very familiar. It feels like a Ratt track with those riffs, but definitely not with the vocals as they are too clean to be Ratt. The song is pretty dang heavy and might be the best B-Side on the singles from this album because it is one of the best songs on the album and would’ve made a great single on its own. Rob Morgenstein really pounds it out on this song, those heavy riffs and that bass line all lead to a killer Beach solo. I like the pre-chorus with the screaming from Kip showing the intensity of the song. A real beast of a track.

Thanks for stopping by for another 7″ single from the collection. We have four to go from this purchase and they are all from Europe. And no, none of them are The Final Countdown!!

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