Europe – “Superstitious” – 7″ Single

We are now on single #5 of the 6 I bought at Repo Records a few weeks back. This is also the third Europe single and this time we have the song “Superstitious” from the 1988 album ‘Out of this World’. The single was the first one off the album and was released on July 31, 1988. It did really well going to #1 in Norway and Sweden and as far as the U.S. it broke the Top 40 landing at #31. Not too bad.

The song was written by Joey Tempest and sadly, he doesn’t remember much of what the inspiration was behind the song. He told Greg Prato at that he was probably interested in superstition at the time. The song is basically about a relationship that is going through changes, he isn’t superstitious that something is causing it. He has faith and such trust in love and the other person that things will work out. He is saying that a broken mirror, a black cat, or things of that nature aren’t signs that the relationship is doomed.

My copy is another standard U.S. edition with “Lights & Shadows” as the B-Side which is also from ‘Out of this World’. This is the third copy with the “Demonstration-Not For Sale” stamp which I now is all from the same guy who had them. This one leads me to believe it was a radio DJ that had them because noted on Side A around the barcode is a hand written note that says “cold ending” which means the song stops abruptly rather than fade out. I am sure that is a radio term so they know how the song will end so they can cue up the next track. Pretty cool.


“Superstitious” is listed as “Long Version” but the length is about the same as the album version. There are two other versions out there that are more for radio. The song was done in the style of old Whitesnake back when Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody were in the band. The song is hard rock, it does have a little bluesy feel to it, but that is as close to their style as it gets. The song opens a cappella with Joey Tempest singing and layers upon layers of backing vocals (probably all Joey). The keyboards and guitar sound date it in the later 80’s and Kee Marcello rips a great solo on this one in pure shredder fashion. And that cold ending is a quick pounding of the drums with the guitar in unison and then stop. It was a great choice as the first single and follow-up to ‘The Final Countdown’ album.


“Lights & Shadows” is a great B-Side as it is a fantastic deep cut on the album. It is a heavier track and much darker. There is a more serious tone to the overall song. There is a really great groove to it and then that keyboard/guitar solo really took if over the top and it reminds of Deep Purple with the back and forth. The song seems to be about an on again / off again relationship. When they are in the “light” it is all good, but those dark “shadow” moments are going to come as well and when it is bad, it is bad.

There we have our 3rd Europe single and one more to go. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.

8 thoughts on “Europe – “Superstitious” – 7″ Single

  1. Never got into this album at all as I was still trying to get over the Heinz Ketchup Tempest Bottle Deal at the time. My brother bought this on cassette yet I never gave it a fair shake. Maybe some year lol. Nice score on the 45 though Sir..

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