Europe – “Let The Good Times Rock” – 7″ Single

We now on the final of the 6 singles bought at Repo Records and the fourth and final one from the band Europe. The single this time around is “Let the Good Times Rock” from the 1988 album ‘Out of This World’. The song was the third single from the album and was released in January 1989. As far as charting, well, it did chart at #85 in the UK, but don’t see the chart info otherwise.

The song was written by Joey Tempest and the song is basically about a relationship that is going well and they should celebrate it and let the good times rock. A simple meaning behind a relatively simple song.

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Europe – “Superstitious” – 7″ Single

We are now on single #5 of the 6 I bought at Repo Records a few weeks back. This is also the third Europe single and this time we have the song “Superstitious” from the 1988 album ‘Out of this World’. The single was the first one off the album and was released on July 31, 1988. It did really well going to #1 in Norway and Sweden and as far as the U.S. it broke the Top 40 landing at #31. Not too bad.

The song was written by Joey Tempest and sadly, he doesn’t remember much of what the inspiration was behind the song. He told Greg Prato at that he was probably interested in superstition at the time. The song is basically about a relationship that is going through changes, he isn’t superstitious that something is causing it. He has faith and such trust in love and the other person that things will work out. He is saying that a broken mirror, a black cat, or things of that nature aren’t signs that the relationship is doomed.

My copy is another standard U.S. edition with “Lights & Shadows” as the B-Side which is also from ‘Out of this World’. This is the third copy with the “Demonstration-Not For Sale” stamp which I now is all from the same guy who had them. This one leads me to believe it was a radio DJ that had them because noted on Side A around the barcode is a hand written note that says “cold ending” which means the song stops abruptly rather than fade out. I am sure that is a radio term so they know how the song will end so they can cue up the next track. Pretty cool.

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Europe – “Rock the Night” – 7″ Single

After reviewing the two Winger singles, we are now to a set of four singles all coming from the band Europe. I found these all at Repo Records here in Charlotte and they always seem to have a some great stuff. This time around we have the single “Rock the Night” from the 1986 smash album, ‘The Final Countdown’. “Rock the Night” was originally released in 1985 for a movie soundtrack, but was re-recorded for this album. The single was released in the U.S. in April 1987 and saw it break the Top 40 landing at #30 at its peak. It was the second single off the album.

The song was written by Joey Tempest and is basically talking about how some times you go through some tough times, some pain, but you have to fight and keep going. Take all that energy and just rock the night! Simple enough.

My version of the single is the standard U.S. version, so I thought. But after pealing a price sticker of the vinyl, I noticed there is a stamp saying, “Demonstration-Not For Sale” which leads me to believe this might have been used as a promotional copy. The B-Side is a re-recorded version of the band’s first single called “Seven Doors Hotel”.

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Friday New Releases – October 14th

Another Friday and another long list of New Releases.  The wife has gone to Michigan to tour lighthouses with her parents and left me with the kids.  I am going to need something to listen to so I don’t go crazy this weekend.  Good thing there are a bunch I am interested in listening to…and they are highlighted in Blue!

  • cover170x170-1  Tenth Avenue North – Followers – (Provident):  Tenth Avenue North is a pop/rock Christian band out of Florida.  They have been playing since 2000, but their first album didn’t come out until 2008.  Now on their 5th album, I am expecting more of the same energy from the new album and looking forward to it.

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