Europe – “Let The Good Times Rock” – 7″ Single

We now on the final of the 6 singles bought at Repo Records and the fourth and final one from the band Europe. The single this time around is “Let the Good Times Rock” from the 1988 album ‘Out of This World’. The song was the third single from the album and was released in January 1989. As far as charting, well, it did chart at #85 in the UK, but don’t see the chart info otherwise.

The song was written by Joey Tempest and the song is basically about a relationship that is going well and they should celebrate it and let the good times rock. A simple meaning behind a relatively simple song.

My version is definitely a promo…again. This time the label is white and it says “Demonstration Not For Sale” printed on the sticker, not stamped. Plus, the song is the same on both sides even though the back cover shows “Never Say Die” as the B-Side. They chose to use that single sleeve for all the promos and not make a new one just for the promos. The two songs being the same are not a mono and stereo version, not different edit…nope. The same song and the album version of that song as well. And here is the other side of the label…

The song is a more laid-back vibe. Still a rocker, but not that hard, very melodic, catchy chorus, the obligatory solo and it had a great little groove to it. But if I’m being honest, it is a little dull and lifeless. It lacks any heart or emotion and I can see why it probably didn’t chart in the U.S. For me, it was a step backwards with their sound and not progressing forward.

And that is the final of the six singles bought at Repo Records. We will now go back to the remaining singles in my collection and should have another up in a few days to a week. See again soon and thanks for stopping by.

19 thoughts on “Europe – “Let The Good Times Rock” – 7″ Single

  1. The ketchup had run out and this song is underwhelming to me. The riff doesn’t connect with me. But, I do love the album Out Of this World, and I do like the chorus on this song. It’s riff that fails to move me. Sorry, Kee.


    1. Listening to Out of this World at the moment….”…So keep on walkin’ that road and I’ll follow…” next up is this single Let the good times roll…


      1. Thanks for the tip…moved up to Prisoners in Paradise. Been listening to it since yesterday. Not sure why did not give this album more spins back in the day. Too upbeat?

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      1. Have u thought how many classic albums are going to have anniversary releases in the near future. Just read that there’s anniversary box set of Shout at the Devil in the works…

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