Matt Nathanson – ‘Come On Get Higher’ – Promo CD Single

Now that I’ve collected all of Matt Nathanson’s studio and live albums on CD and vinyl, I have moved on to collecting all the promo CDs that were sent to radio DJ’s around the globe. I have been using eBay and Discogs to track those down and I have a pretty good start and hope to finish by year end. This one here is a really cool one in that it not only has the studio version of one of my favorite Matt Nathanson songs, “Come On Get Higher”, but it also has an unreleased acoustic version of the song. Yes, please!!

The single was released on February 11, 2008 and only reached #59 on the Billboard Top 100, but did go to #9 on the Adult Top 40 as well as #3 on the Adult Contemporary and Adult Alternative Songs charts. It went to Platinum status selling over 3,000,000 copies…not bad! The song was written by Matt Nathanson and Mark Weinberg and a really cool bit of info as you can see below is that the first track was mixed by my brother-in-law, Ryan Williams which makes the song even better!!

“Come on Get Higher” is a song about desire and missing a long lost love. It is sexy and sultry all at once. Matt’s marriage was rocky…very rocky…and he was really missing this girl (that wasn’t his wife). He so wanted to be with her but he is conflicted as he knows it is so wrong and yet it feels so right. The whole album, ‘Some Mad Hope” is about that relationship with his wife and by the end of that album he is ready to fully commit to his marriage.

Now musically, this isn’t like a lot of his songs where the lyrics and music contradict each other. This one the music is just as sensual and sexy as the lyrics. It is a slower tempo which sounds like more of an acoustic track with a softness and tenderness that it touches your heart in ways all good songs should do. It makes you miss the girl as much as he does. Matt’s vocals are some of his best and he matches that same tenderness the music does and he is as sensual as that soft touch he longs for from the girl. 

And then we get the acoustic version of the song which takes it to another level musically. The sexuality and sensuality is really more intense with just a guitar and Matt’s voice. He has to convey more with his voice and he succeeds. It is a great version of the song…simple and beautiful. The song was released later on the digital only deluxe edition of the album ‘Modern Love’.

And there you have it. There will be a bunch more of these over the next few months and then the Matt Nathanson promo singles collection will be complete and my entire collection will be finished…what will I then collect? Who knows. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Matt Nathanson – ‘Come On Get Higher’ – Promo CD Single

  1. Well, now u got a family connection with this guy! It’s all coming together now. Next thing you know Soto will be at your house for Thanksgiving…


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