Halestorm – “Buzz” – 7″ Single (Record Store Day Release)

While out digging in those crates, I came across another 7″ Single, but this one was from a newer artist not one from the 80’s that I normally collect. I really dig Halestorm and not sure how I missed this one. It is a Record Store Day Release back from 2019. The song was “Buzz” off their album 2018 album ‘Vicious’. The song was never officially released as a radio single, but they did do an exclusive release for Record Store Day.

And why do you want to get this when you can just buy the album…well…the B-Side is exclusive to this release. A song called ‘Chemicals’. The song isn’t anywhere else. And to top that off, you get a beautiful Green vinyl to go with it. A really nice little package and one I was glad to pick up.


“Buzz” was written by the whole band, Lzzy Hale, Josh Smith, Joe Hottinger and Arejay Hale. The song is not about drugs like you think it is. I think the “Buzz” is the thrill she gets from love and sex. And maybe it is that new love. The taste of their kiss, their touch and anything else that might result from it. The song is an energetic, heavy track that sees Lzzy sing her all and she can sing as she is one of the best voices in rock today. Notice I didn’t say female singers because I mean singers, period!! A killer track.


The prize on this disc is the B-Side for sure. The song “Chemicals” is not on any release, currently. This is the only place to get a physical copy (that I know about). The writers are the same as the A-Side. “Chemicals” is a totally different sounding song. It isn’t as heavy as “Buzz”. It is a little slower tempo and Lzzy isn’t going all out, full force on the lyrics. She’s a little reserved like the song sounds. It is a little sludgy at first…just listen to that nasty bass. The song builds to a climatic finish. The song is also not about drugs. It is about the human body and how we are all made up of chemicals. If someone seems insane, it isn’t their fault, it is the chemicals in their head that are messed up.

Thanks for hanging out. I hope you enjoyed the walk through this single and I am sure there will be more to come soon enough.

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