2 Loud 2 Old Music – The Tote Bag!

I will admit, sometimes I just need an easy post to write and that is what I’m doing here today. I’m a little burnt so this is a little break, change of pace kind of thing here. A couple weeks back, I received an email from Panera Bread Co., of which I am a rewards member. They were having a rewards week and they were giving away a free tote bag on the website Shutterfly. Now it wasn’t a Panera bag they were giving out, I could get any bag I wanted. All I had to do was pay shipping. Basically, it is a $20 tote bag for free and then I pay shipping. Shipping wasn’t cheap either as it was $10. But I thought, $10 for a tote bag of my creation…I’ll take that.

So, I went on to Shutterfly and found the tote bag section. I went on my computer and pulled up a 2 Loud 2 Old Music logo and BAM!!! I have a tote bag. Within about a week, it was shipped and received. Why do I need a Tote Bag. Well, I don’t really except for when I go to the Record Shows. Most booths don’t have bags and you need to carry the records. What better way to do that then a Tote Bag…and even better…one that has the logo for the website. Duh!! Below is the Tote Bag!!

And that isn’t the only Tote Bag I actually own. I have one from one of my favorite bands Needtobreathe. It was a part of joining their Insiders Club where you get a collection of live songs on CD exclusive to the club.

And there is still one more. One of the local record stores gave them away during 2018 Record Store Day. The local shop was Lunchbox Records and the Tote was 2-sided. Nice!!

And that is it! Now, I am not collecting Tote Bags by any means, but I have 3 and that is probably enough. Now, if someone wants to give me another one, sure, I’ll take it!! Here they all are…

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!!

43 thoughts on “2 Loud 2 Old Music – The Tote Bag!

  1. Thats awesome John. Love your logo on the tote! When we were down in Toronto both myself and Tbone grabbed tote bags from 2 different shops as you’re right they are great to carry records in. I got my 10 albums in my tote for the flight home and 2 of them were doubles and a third was triple Lp set.
    I’m heading to a record fair this weekend so that tote will be put to good use! lol

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      1. Well the following week KISS and Maiden both come out so I can spend but not go crazy. Still can’t believe I’m ordering that Creatures super deluxe on fuckin CD lol…. I want the packaging plus its in my Top 5 KISS albums so I need it lol

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  2. After reading your post, all I could think about was Spaceballs, the toilet paper.

    I have a collection of bags accumulated from various stores. I can honestly say that none of them are as cool as the ones you showed.

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    1. LOL!! I love that movie!! I found a fourth bag and it is another from a local record shop called Repo. The reverse side is the RSD logo on the Lunchbox Records one I have. I guess all the stores were giving those away that year.


  3. That is awesome! My favourite blog logo-related item is the beautiful leather guitar strap my family gave me as a gift, the KMA logo on the front, all their names and a message on the back.


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