Scotch on the Rocks: Creatures of the Night Super Deluxe Edition Discussion

I had the absolute pleasure of joining Superdekes on his show “Scotch on the Rocks” as we discussed the box set from Kiss for Creatures of the Night…see what Deke has to say about it below, then go watch.

From Scotch on the Rocks:

It’s always a great chat when the Snowman hops on “Scotch On The Rocks” and this time was no different!

We talked of course about KISS and the Creatures album but with more of a personal angle than showing an unboxing video of the super deluxe as there are a hundreds of those kind of videos on Youtube currently.

We basically went back into the time machine to talk about how it was being a KISS fan when KISS wasn’t cool in the early 80’s. We talked about the music included in the various formats like the demo’s and live tracks with Vinnie Vincent in pretty good detail.

Some highlights were….

One of us got sprayed with perfume back in high school wearing a KISS shirt.

One of us also thought that “I Love It Loud” (live) wasn’t on the deluxe set.

One of us has Gene Simmons Money Bag Soda and could be seen swigging from the bottle of the Demon at the end of the show.

How’s that for hype!

Click the link below and give it a watch!

Cheers and Merry KISSMAS to you all out there!


23 thoughts on “Scotch on the Rocks: Creatures of the Night Super Deluxe Edition Discussion

  1. Cool chat, sounds like u guys had fun talking Kiss.

    My favorite Kiss albums are Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over and Creatures. So waiting on that Rock and Roll Over box set…

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    1. You two did a great job John… I forgot about Vinny Vincent. I saw them either in 83 or 84…they had the tank. I’ll have to check my ticket stub.
      Also yea…that album had a great drum sound.

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        1. I’m going to check my ticket stub…I was lucky to see them again in the late 90s with the originals.
          I’ve told Deke…I remember them like yesterday on “Kids Are People Too” introducing Eric Carr and that Peter married the Coppertone girl…I saw it on youtube last night and for once…my memory was correct!

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  2. Nice one, guys – I hadn’t realized the distinction between bootlegs & counterfeits, but I’d be happy to tune in again for that future episode. Deke, I smiled when you said the line “Gene and Paul if you’re listening/watching” – I think they’ll be pleased to be name-checked by you, and that you didn’t pull a Rivers Cuomo and name-check only Ace & Peter! And yes, John, you’re certainly my favourite North Carolin-an as well!

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