Friday New Releases – May 12, 2023

As the weather keeps heating up, so do the releases, but this week isn’t as hot as others as we only have around 30 for you. For me, it is a break week as there is nothing here I have to have which means I can catch up on all my recent purchases. But hopefully there is something for you as there are some popular picks this week with Lauren Daigle who has a great voice and the Jonas Brothers have a new. Belinda Carlisle has an E.P. that I believe was just released on vinyl at Record Store Day. Let me know what you want to hear this week or what we may have missed. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  • 91P3XBUPDdL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Lauren Daigle – Lauren Daigle – (Centricity Music / Atlantic Records)
  • 81nF3-SF0rL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Jonas Brothers – The Album – (Republic Records / UMG)
  • A1xcQ+TmoIL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention – (BMG Rights Mgmt)
  • 813L9NvXV9L._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Belinda Carlisle – Kismet E.P. – (RAF LLS / BMG Rights Mgmt)
  • 71D1-DmiHRL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Celine Dion – Love Again (Soundtrack) – (Sony Music)
  • download-3  Left to Suffer – Feral – (Left to Suffer)
  • 91oPmz330JL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Dropkick Murphys – Okemah Rising – (Dummy Lick Music / [PIAS])
  • 515TAMcXqyL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Bruce Cockburn – O Sun O Moon – (True North)
  • 91BEzLtfQBL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Circus of Rock – Lost Behind the Mask – (Frontiers Records)
  • 91QLZuZhmvL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Heavens Edge – Get It Right – (Frontiers Records)
  • 91inIasK+ZL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  ScreaMachine – Church of the Scream – (Frontiers Records)
  • 81o4aTAIQJL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Amity Affliction – Not Without My Ghosts – (Pure Noise Records)
  • 81uDUnwU3iL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Veil of Maya – [m]other – (Sumerian Records)
  • 81jF-FERRaL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  DevilDriver – Dealing with Demons Vol. II – (Napalm Records)
  • 81DmY8-DwpL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Acacia Strain – Step Into the Light – (Rise Records)
  • 81o8lNxoCTL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  The Dark Side of the Moon – Metamorphosis – (Napalm Records)
  • 81wgw4TuEKL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Battle Born – Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel – (Prosthetic Records)
  • 81SBZ+maEOL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Cattle Decapitation – Terrasite – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 71gumeSm7IL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Animal Collective – Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished (Remastered 2023) – (Domino Recordings)
  • 71Q-eSJ5xUL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Country Goes Metal & Righteous Vendetta – Country Goes Metal E.P. – (8 Track Entertainment)
  • 711qbmr3fgL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Black Spiders – Can’t Die, Won’t Die – (Black Spiders / Dark Riders)
  • 91BIYAL28CL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Symphony Orchestra – Radiant Music – (Telephone Explosion Records)
  • 81Y+gkeDZzL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Rahill – Flowers at your Feet – (Big Dada)
  • download-4  Arizona – Arizona – (Elektra Records)
  • 91wgy5XWahL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sadeyes – Patient Death – (Epitaph)
  • 71LhgV2xiDL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  BC Camplight – The Last Rotation of Earth – (Bella Union)
  • 91sCqwZHQwL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Island of Love – Island of Love  – (Island of Love)
  • 71v7gV+BBJL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Sister Ray – Teeth E.P. – (Royal Mountain Records)


  • 71tnNwz-7TL._AC_UY436_FMwebp_QL65_  Parker McCollum – Never Enough – (MCA Nashville / UMG)

12 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 12, 2023

  1. Tons to check out.

    Thanks for alerting me to the existence of that new release from Heaven’s Edge! Both Circus of Rock and Country goes Metal sound interesting and DevilDriver is a must.


  2. Honestly, I haven’t cared about the Jonas Brothers in years! I’m only a fan of the stuff they released during their Disney Channel heydays. Thanks for the updates, though!


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