#TBT – Def Leppard – Slang

For my first Throwback Thursday, I thought I would go with the most underrated album from my favorite band – Def Leppard’s “Slang”.  The album came out in 1996 and the band knew that their signature sound was no longer popular on the radio. They completely took a left turn and changed up their sound.

“Slang” was such a departure that I was stunned when I first heard the album. After the first listen, I wasn’t sure what I had heard.  I listened to it again and again. After several listens, I started to get it and I started to really like it.  “Work It Out” and the album title song “Slang” were the first songs that were standouts for me.

There were several slower songs that were not the typical Def Leppard ballads – “Breathe A Sigh”, “Where Does Love Go When It Dies” and “Blood Runs Cold”.  They were a little darker and very powerful.

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