Harem Scarem – The Ultimate Collection – Album Review

Formed in Canada around 1987, Harem Scarem has been rocking for well over 30 years now.  With 15 studio albums, 8 live albums and numerous compilation albums, they have been delivering solid rock music for the masses.  The band only has two original members still in it from the beginning and they are the two most crucial in this scenario.  Lead singer, Harry Hess, and Lead Guitarist, Pete Lesperance.  Why would these two be the most crucial, well they are the principal song writers as well as the voice and sound of the band.  I would say that is crucial.

The Ultimate Collection is a box set that contains 12 of their studio albums plus a collection of songs from early in their career as well as a disc of unreleased tracks.  And to top it off, the studio albums include all the bonus tracks from those albums as well.  That is a lot of music and there are 175 tracks in this set. Incredible.


What does that look like all sprawled out?  Here you go…


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Top TV Show Theme Songs – Playlist

I was listening the Monkee’s new album and it got me thinking about their TV show.  My first thought was what a great theme song they had.  That then led me to think about other TV theme songs and which shows had the best.

To do this, I had to break it up into two categories…those with vocals and those without. There are so many TV shows that had great catchy, theme songs.  Off the top of my head you had the Brady Bunch, The Beverly Hillbillies, Different Strokes, Saved by the Bell and so many more.  My kids would add the song from Full House as well.

Nowadays, I don’t feel that TV show theme songs matter much.  No show seems to focus on that at all.  I feel that a good theme song really adds to the show.

Without further ado, here are my Favorite TV Show Theme Songs:

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