Harem Scarem – The Ultimate Collection – Album Review

Formed in Canada around 1987, Harem Scarem has been rocking for well over 30 years now.  With 15 studio albums, 8 live albums and numerous compilation albums, they have been delivering solid rock music for the masses.  The band only has two original members still in it from the beginning and they are the two most crucial in this scenario.  Lead singer, Harry Hess, and Lead Guitarist, Pete Lesperance.  Why would these two be the most crucial, well they are the principal song writers as well as the voice and sound of the band.  I would say that is crucial.

The Ultimate Collection is a box set that contains 12 of their studio albums plus a collection of songs from early in their career as well as a disc of unreleased tracks.  And to top it off, the studio albums include all the bonus tracks from those albums as well.  That is a lot of music and there are 175 tracks in this set. Incredible.


What does that look like all sprawled out?  Here you go…


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My Sunday Song – “I Believe” by Joe Satriani

For My Sunday Song #77, I am going with one of my favorite songs by Joe Satriani called “I Believe”.  The song is off one of his best albums called ‘Flying in a Blue Dream’ from 1989.  Joe is known for his guitar playing and making it sing.  Well for this song, Joe is actually singing.  One of the very few songs he has ever done that on which was the first reason I was drawn to this song. It was nice to hear him sing.

The song is a ballad and a much slower pace than you are used to getting from him.  I was enthralled by the dark tone to the song and even the dark lyrics.  The lyrics discussed how hard life is, but it is inspiring to as it was still filled with so much hope.  I will let Joe tell it better from an interview he did with Songfacts.com

“It was a difficult period in my life, where my father was in the process of passing away, and I was struggling with finishing up the Flying in a Blue Dream record. I was actually writing other songs that were instrumental pieces for the album. I’d be taking breaks during those periods, and I’d pick up the acoustic guitar and would start playing music.

There was a big painting in our apartment that a friend of my wife’s had done. She had worked my wife’s face into this figure, and I used to look at that quite a bit when I would take breaks from working on the album. So I wrote a song really about how difficult life is, but how ultimately, you have hope and you can change things for the better. It was really about writing that song and looking at that picture.”

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