Max the Axe – ‘Status Electric’ – Album Review

Before I get into the review, I want to note that I did not pay for this CD, it was sent to me.  However, it wasn’t sent by the band or even any PR team, but by the Mighty Mike Ladano as a gift because he thought I would like it (very cool of him…thanks Mike!).  He knows the band though so I guess he is their PR guy.  I hope he is getting paid.  Anyway, the review set forth is my honest take on the album.

Max the Axe is a Canadian band out of Kitchener, Ontario (yeah, I don’t know where that is either).  The songs are filled with some gritty, distorted guitars and the lyrics at times have a slight comedic flare which makes me think that this band is the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Barenaked Ladies.

The Band:

  • Mike “Max” Koutis – guitar
  • Eric Litwiller – vocals
  • Dave Haslam – drums
  • Mike “Mitch” Mitchell on bass.

When the band shined was when they were completely in beast mode with the songs “River Grand” and “Scales of Justice”.  The guitar work was outstanding with the distortion and the drum fills were great.  “Scales of Justice” was an epic song at over 6 minutes and some of the best riffs.  What might be my favorite song off the album is “Sick of Living”. The band  slays it in what I thought sounded like a mix of Sabbath and Priest.  The guitar solo was one of the best on the album and that scream was so rock & roll.


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