David Coverdale – The Albums Ranked Worst to First

Starting back on August 1st, 2019, we started the David Coverdale Series of reviews.  It was a long process and after 36 reviews, we are capping off the series with not one, but two album rankings.  The first one covered only the Whitesnake albums.  The second one, this one, will cover ALL albums that David Coverdale has done.  The list are only studio albums.  No E.P.’s, no live albums and no greatest hits.

David started his career back in 1974 with Deep Purple’s Mark III lineup on the album Burn.  Through 20 studio albums that cover Deep Purple, David Coverdale solo albums, Coverdale/Page and of course, Whitesnake, there is so much music to cover in his 46 years of music.  It was so much fun tackling this David Coverdale series that part of me hates to see it end,  but all good things come to end.

Why don’t we get started and let’s see how David Coverdale albums rank from the Worst to the First.


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David Coverdale – ‘Into the Light’ – Album Review (The David Coverdale Series)

After the final Whitesnake Tour back in 1998, David felt lost.  He had been David Coverdale of Whitesnake for so long, he wasn’t sure who he was anymore. He needed to find himself.  After a little break, David Coverdale re-emerged, but this time without the Whitesnake persona.  This time, he was just David Coverdale.  Even though his previous album, ‘Restless Heart’, was supposed to be a solo album, this is now officially his first one since 1978’s ‘Northwind’…and no, Coverdale/Page doesn’t count as a solo album.


The cool thing about the solo album is that it really is just David and a lot of great, talented musicians pitching in on songs.  You get Doug Bossi, Earl Slick, Marco Mendozza, Tony Franklin and Denny Carmassi, just to name a few, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.  With all these different artist, you don’t get that typical Whitesnake sound.  But you do get hints.  There are some blues tracks, there are some Zeppelin style fare and there is stuff that is truly only David.

The album came out on September 25, 2000 in the UK and it was released with little fanfare. It didn’t blow up the charts or set the world on fire. Heck, it was pretty much non-existent in the States. I accidentally stumbled across back then, but I did add it to my collection.  What it did do was get David back in the music business and working again, if at least for a brief time. Continue reading “David Coverdale – ‘Into the Light’ – Album Review (The David Coverdale Series)”