Needtobreathe – ‘Best of The Insiders: 1st Edition’ (2022) – Album Review

For the 2022 Insiders Club, Needtobreathe changed things up. They were no longer going to release a physical product and only do the Digital Songs only. I stopped being a member right then and there as I want a physical product. Well, I think the backlash was swift and loud as a few months in to the year, that all changed. They decided that there will be a new tier level in the Insiders Club, more expensive of course, but a physical product would be given. This time around instead of only a CD, you will get an autographed vinyl copy as well. They still have the digital songs, which are different then the ones on here. The new CD and Vinyl are now a Best of The Insiders giving us the 10 best songs from the 8 years of The Insiders CD series started. This is the 1st Edition which means there will be more (and there is because 2023 is doing the same thing and it is the 2nd Edition).

I bought this immediately after the announcement when out to make sure I got a copy. They sent a bunch of other goodies as well right away, but the album didn’t show up until March of 2023. That is due to the fact they had so much backlash and had to create this from scratch and with vinyl pressing times so slow, it took quite a long time to come. The CD came back in the fall, so it was much quicker. But what was great is they did give updates on the vinyl, but it showed up unannounced and made for a great surprise. Well, almost surprise. I saw someone had already stuck one of these for sale on eBay for $250 and I thought…”Hey! How did they get their’s already?”…little did I know, that a few hours later mine arrived at the door. BTW…they still haven’t sold it yet. I hope they do, because that price would be sweet!

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Needtobreathe – “Who Am I”

Sometimes when you hear a song, it connects with you, it moves you, it touches you in a way that few songs can do. Well, this is one of those songs. The first time I heard it immediately caught my attention. There was something special about it, I could tell. I listened to it again, I mean I really listened to it. I took in the words and absorbed them in to my mind and then in to my heart. Yes, this song IS Special!!

Sometimes an artist can write a song that you feel is written especially for you or for something going on in your life. Well, this is one of those songs. If you know anyone that is suffering from depression, then this is a song that you need to hear. Depression can make a person feel worthless, can make a person feel like there is no hope, can make a person push their loved ones away. Depression is cruel and it is so hard to watch someone go through it and it leaves you wishing there is something you can do.

“Who Am I” is a song that can be interpreted in a couple ways. The first way is more religious. It is God telling us that no matter how unworthy we feel, he will always be there. No matter what we do or say, no matter how bad it is, God will love us unconditionally. All we need to do is accept him in to our hearts

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Needtobreathe – ‘Out of Body’ – Album Review

A couple months back, Needtobreathe sent out emails to their fans and told us some news about a new album, ‘Out of Body’. However, at the same time they discussed the heartbreaking news that Bo Rinehart, lead guitar and founding member, was leaving the band. This caused great pause to me as Bo is the creative mind behind the band. He did a lot of the art, the video concepts, he was a songwriter as well and a hell of a musician. He was one of the many reasons, I love this band. I now had worries about the new album and how the band was going to sound.

This only left 3 members of the band…

  • Bear Rinehart, lead singer, guitar
  • Josh Lovelace – hammond organ and piano
  • Seth Bolt – bass and drums (not at the same time)

I still ordered the album the day it went available for pre-order and I even ordered the Vinyl and CD bundle because why not. Artistically, the cover of the album was amazing, the color of the vinyl was stunning and everything about the concept was beautiful and some of the best the band has done. And you can see below, everything looks great…

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