Adelitas Way – Getaway – Album Review – 64%

The new album, Getaway, was released in February 2016 by The Vegas Syn/The Fuel Music. Adelitas Way is from Las Vegas and formed back in 2006. The band consists of Rick DeJesus on lead vocals, Robert Zakaryan on lead guitar, Andrew Cushing on bass and Trevor Stafford on drums. They have consistently released solid albums and this one is no exception.

Their fourth release is a straight-up rock album with some great guitar riffs and I feel is the backbone of this album. Robert Zakaryan is definitely the standout. His sound goes great with DeJesus vocals.

The first half of this album is exactly what you would expect and rocks out.   All the radio hits will probably come from this half. The back half for me, however, starts to feel like a bunch of filler and not enough solid songs. I will give them credit for changing it up a bit. All-in-all, this is a strong album and worth the price.


“Bad Reputation”Keeper – Great start to this album. The guitar sound is hard and heavy and what you would want for a hard rock song.

“Getaway”Keeper – They keep the fast driving pace up with this song.  Chorus is memorable which is what you want in a song.

“Good Die Young”Keeper – Vocally this is a standout for DeJesus.   I really enjoyed the slightly different song style.

“Low”Keeper – This is my favorite song on the album. I think Cushing’s bass shines on this song as does DeJesus’s vocals.

“Put You In Place”Delete – This song didn’t do it for me both stylistically and vocally. I think it is lacking a well-developed chorus.

“I Get Around”Keeper – When they released the “Deserve This” E.P. several months before the album was released, this song was the standout for me. Another solid rock song and I catch myself singing it while driving down the road.

“Filthy Heart”Delete – They do change up the pace more on the back half of the album. This song dragged on too long before the punch came in at the end. The song ends great, but for me, it was too long of a wait. If the whole song had the pace of the back half, I probably would have kept it in my library.

“Harbor the Fugitive”Keeper – They slow it down a little with this song and I found I enjoyed it the more I listened to it. Nice change of pace.

“Sometimes You’re Meant To Get Used”Delete – One of the heavier songs on the album with some strong bass, guitar and drums. However, when the vocals hit, the same intensity seems to go away. The song seems to struggle to find itself and was lacking consistency.

“Shame”Delete – This song is a little slower pace but misses the mark for me. It kind of killed the mood of the album for me so I have to delete it.

“Deserve This”Keeper – Drums and guitar on this song are great. A really good choice to end the album.

7 Keepers out of 11 Songs – 64%. Now don’t think 64% as failing.  It would be equivalent to 3 out of 5 stars.  The 7 songs I am keeping in my library are great songs and are why I still consider this a great album by the band. I average 6-8 songs on all of their releases that I like enough to keep and that for me is a solid album. They are one of my favorite bands to come out in the last 10 years and keep plugging away. I look forward to more releases from them in the future.
Check the album out and check out their Facebook page and on Twitter.

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