The Struts – “Everybody Wants” – Album Review – 100%

In Mid-February, I was listening to a Shinedown radio station on Apple Music and I came across a song that immediately stopped me in my tracks. I picked up my phone and saw it was a band called The Struts and the song was “Dirty Sexy Money”. The Struts???? Who the heck are these guys? What a cool name for a band!!

I searched them and saw the album was coming out on March 4th. That day could not get here fast enough. Apple Music did have the Have You Heard EP that tied me over until the album came out, but you can’t get that E.P. now but you don’t need to as all the songs are on the album. I have not stopped playing this album since I got it that Friday.

The Struts, an English rock band, have this great retro rock vibe. The lead singer was definitely influenced by classic rock and he is even a little Glam in his appearance. The band is a four piece and is lead singer Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and the drummer is Gethin Davies. They have been together since 2010 and just signed with a U.S. company last year.

It is probably the most exciting rock band to come out in a long time. The album originally came out in 2014 in the UK, but is just getting released here in the U.S. by Interscope Records. This album is already the best album released so far in 2016. And even though we are only in April, this album WILL end up being one of the best out in 2016.

I know I am not the target demographic for these kids, but who cares. Great music is great music no matter the age. I am really glad that this is the first album I will review as it starts everything out with a bang.  But the bad thing about starting out with this album to review is that it is only downhill from here for other releases. Not many will receive a score like I am giving this one.


“Roll Up”Keeper – This is a great song to start the album. This song also has where the title of the album originates. With a chorus that goes “Everybody Wants, Everybody Wants, Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up for Satisfaction” it is not the most sophisticated and earth shattering statement but it is so catchy and gets you hooked immediately.

“Could Have Been Me”Keeper – I really love the message on this one. Basically have no regrets and live life. Don’t look back and say that it “Could Have Been Me”.

“Kiss This”Keeper – The energy keeps going on this song about doing all you can do in a relationship to no avail and then just saying “Kiss This”. At least that is what I got out of the song.

“Put Your Money On Me”Keeper – Another upbeat song with another good message about wanting your significant other to trust you and have faith in you and you won’t fail them.

“Mary Go Round”Keeper – This song slows down a bit and would be their first ballad. I enjoyed the change of pace and it was nice to see they could pull off a slower sound.

“Dirty Sexy Money”Keeper – This is the song I caught on the radio station that stopped me in my tracks. You know I am going to keep this song. Just a great fast paced song.

“The Ol’ Switcheroo”Keeper – According to their Facebook page, this is one of The Struts favorites on the album. They compare it to something by Slade and Oasis and I see that and think a lot of the album is that way.

“She Makes Me Feel Like”Keeper – We are now 8 songs in to the album and I am still liking every song on the album. This doesn’t happen very often for me. This is another upbeat song and just all around good time song.

“Young Stars”Keeper – This song I wonder if they are talking about themselves as they are young and they mention “You strut around shameless” and that is what this band is probably doing now. With this album they should be strutting around. It is that good.

“Black Swan”Keeper – The song is about lost love and hopes that one day they will cross path again. This is probably one of my favorite songs on the album.

“These Times Are Changing”Keeper – This is my least favorite song on the album, but it is still good enough to be a keeper. It is very simple but upbeat rocking song.

“Only Just A Call Away”Keeper – I would label this one as another ballad and even better than Mary Go Round which was awesome. When you hit the chorus you are so brought in and start feeling the song. I like that in a song.

“Where Did She Go”Keeper – The final song on the album brings back the spirit of the whole album and is a nice touch to finish the album. When you are done with this song you are ready to hit replay!! At least I have been constantly hitting replay. I think I listened to the album 2 more times while I was writing the review.

13 Keepers out of 13 Songs = 100% I have a feeling we won’t see a lot of 100% on my album reviews. It is so seldom I keep an entire album without deleting a song.

Definitely go out and listen to this album and check out their Facebook  and Twitter page and get to know them, you won’t be disappointed.  Let me know what you think.



3 thoughts on “The Struts – “Everybody Wants” – Album Review – 100%

    1. I am glad they did as well. I am still loving that album. Lately, I have been into this whole retro vibe with rockers. The Wild Feathers, The Struts, Scorpion Child, and several other bands that have a retro vibe whether it’s 70’s style classic rock or the glam stuff. I love those styles are coming back.


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