The Wild Feathers – Lonely Is A Lifetime – Album Review – 91%

Are you ready for a retro ride back to the 70’s with a wonderful classic rock sound and a modern twist? Then put on your bell bottom jeans and your headphones. You better have a joint in one hand and a needle in the other. The needle is of course a turntable needle. Drop it on the vinyl and sit back and enjoy the journey that is the Wild Feathers.

Their first album, the self-titled The Wild Feathers, had a retro classic rock sound but much heavier than this one. The new album is still a classic rock sound but toned down to a softer edge like they have a wonderful buzz going.

The band consists of Joel King on bass/vocals, Ricky Young on guitar/vocals, Taylor Burns on guitar/vocals and Ben Dumas on drums. They were formed back in 2010 in Nashville, TN. They are signed to Warner Brothers Records.  With two great albums, I hope they are around for a long time.

A lot of albums have the first half with the strongest songs, but this album is strong the whole way through. I get a nice buzz from just listening to it. Nothing else needed.

Track List:

“Overnight”Keeper – A nice up-tempo song to start off the album. The song draws you in immediately and you can’t wait to hear more. Great chorus and overall sound.

“Sleepers”Keeper – I love the vocals on this one and some great guitar work. This is possibly my favorite song on the album. I feel my buzz coming on now.

“Goodbye Song”Keeper – The sound on this song reminds me of the Eagles. They harmonize nicely just like the Eagles. The guitar work on here is also stellar. Nice to have a whole section of the song just them playing. The song is over 8 minutes and it is pure bliss. The more I listen to them, the more talented I see these guys are and the more I want to listen.

“Don’t Ask Me to Change”Keeper – The tempo picks up on this song. This is a great breakup song and more great vocals. The chorus is catchy and just an all around great song.

“Happy Again”Keeper – This isn’t Pharrel’s “Happy”…unless the Minions are high. This song to me is about someone who is broken and wanting to escape and get high to feel happy even it is just for a little while. Even so it is another great song.

“Leave Your Light On”Delete – A simple song lyrically and not too much too it. It didn’t grab me and keep me interested and thus I deleted it from my library.

“Help Me Out”Keeper – The song starts off with a pure 70’s style and just grabs you. The vocals on this song are outstanding and I love the back and forth with the 2 singers (at least it sounds like two different singers). Also, a nice little guitar solo is thrown in (love me those guitars).

“Lonely Is A Lifetime”Keeper – This song was a complete change of pace from the other songs. It shows some diversity for them. I didn’t like it at first as I thought it brought the mood of the album down, but the more times I played it I started to see the brilliance in it.

“On My Way”Keeper – The tempo goes back up on this song and I just enjoyed listening to it. Nothing spectacular, but I would want to hear it again. I just dig the vocals.

“Into the Sun”Keeper – I love when they all sing and harmonize together. This should be a hit for them. It has a very catchy chorus and a fun song.

“Hallelujah”Keeper – This is such a sad song about a very troubled person and ready to go home. An interesting choice to end the album with this song, but for some reason it works. It is different vocally but they pull it off nicely with stripped down sound.

10 Keepers out of 11 Songs – 91%. This is another fabulous album from the Wild Feathers. It is definitely worth checking it out and getting for your collection. I would check out their self-titled debut as well. Okay, my buzz is going away so I think I better light up another one. Is anybody else hungry? I have the munchies.

Go check out their Facebook page and Twitter accounts and get familiar with this band.  Let me know your feedback on this album.  I hope you enjoyed as much as I have.


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