Music Challenge – Jordan Feliz & Frightened Rabbit

Music streaming makes this challenge so much easier. In the old days, if you wanted to “Take A Chance” on an album, you had to shell out money. Now, you just click on the album and it starts playing.

So the challenge is to go to a streaming service and look for an album cover that you like or is so bad that you have to listen to the album or just pick an artist that you have never heard that seems intriguing. Click on it and give it a listen.

In the comments below, let me know what album you listened to and tell me what you thought. I have done this twice over the last few weeks and have been pleasantly surprised.

Jordan Feliz

The first artist I clicked on was Jordan Feliz.   I picked because of the album cover. It was a picture of Jordan in a cool hat and I thought he had this singer/songwriter vibe going.

The first song I heard was “The River” and I thought “Holy Shit” that is a great song. I then noticed he was a Christian Artist and figured I probably shouldn’t have said “Holy Shit”.

The album is “Beloved” (Centricity Music) and it definitely has a singer/songwriter feel to it. It is 6 songs from his upcoming album “The River” and then 4 songs that are remixes of 2 of his songs and 2 covers. The full album will be out on April 22nd and it will have all the songs on “Beloved” as well as some new ones. I can’t wait.

The standout songs are definitely “The River” and “Beloved”.

Frightened Rabbit

The second time I did it was this week going through the new releases. I picked the album “Painting of a Panic Attack” (Atlantic Records) because of the name of the band…Frightened Rabbit. I also liked the album cover, but the name of the band was the big draw to giving them a listen.

Apparently, this band has been around a some time and this is there 5th album. They are an alternative rock band out of Scotland. They are not a hard rock band, more of an indie sound, IMO.

I am really enjoying the album. It gets a little better each time. When you look at the album title and you see the names of all the songs, you think this is going to be a depressing album.  The lyrics are kind of depressing, but the music style and the tone of the songs don’t make it feel that way.

The standouts are “Get Out”, “I Wish I Was Sober”, “An Otherwise Disappointing Life” and “Lump Street”.

2 thoughts on “Music Challenge – Jordan Feliz & Frightened Rabbit

  1. I first listened to Painting of A Panic Attack because of the album cover, artist name, and album name. It’s become one of my favorite albums from 2016, so far.


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