Jordan Feliz – The River – Album Review – 100%

I really didn’t think I would give another 100% on a review so soon after my last one, but here it is.  As I mentioned in an earlier piece, I discovered Jordan Feliz by his album cover.  Every now and then, I will listen to an artist based on their album cover, band name or even album name.  What a pleasant surprise he was.

The album I clicked on was “Beloved” which contained 4 songs that are on “The River”. Immediately in listening to the album, I was already a fan based on those 4 songs.  Now, came the moment of truth if I would like the other songs.  The verdict is in and I am a fan of the entire album.

Jordan is labeled a Christian singer as his songs are inspirational and deliver a positive & powerful message.  However, the talent in his songwriting skills and the production value of the songs both lend to music that could be played on mainstream pop/rock radio.

Jordan Feliz started out in a heavy metal band called A Current Affair but changed gears when he became a worship leader.  He eventually moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career and here we are with “The River”.

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Tori Kelly – Concert Review

On Thursday, April 21st, I took my daughter to see her favorite singer, Tori Kelly.  I wasn’t real excited about going as I didn’t know much about her.  I have heard some songs on the radio but that was about it.

However, I love my daughter and want her to experience music the way I have all my life. So being the great father I am (cough, cough), I sucked it up and went.  The thing I was dreading the most was the 5 hours of standing.  Why standing??  Tori Kelly performed at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC.

FullSizeRender-2 (1)The Fillmore is a standing room only facility and first come first serve on where you can stand.  The concert started at 8pm and the doors opened at 7pm.  This means you have to get there early to get in line for when the doors open at 7pm.

We actually didn’t arrive until about 6:15-6:20 and there were already 2 very long lines. One line was longer than the other, so we chose the shortest line, naturally.  As we were standing in the shorter line, some nice, very loud, lady screams that the line we are in is for Fast Pass and VIP’s only.  Well, we were neither of those.

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James Bay – Tour Dates

Is a parent supposed to like the same artist that their child likes?  I am not sure that falls in the natural order of things.  However, I think this kid is incredible and my daughter agrees.

He just announced his tour dates for the Fall and you should go check him out.  I know we will.  His debut album “Chaos and the Calm” is out now on Republic.  Two of the great songs on the album are “Let It Go” and “Hold Back the River”.  He is an unbelievable talent.

By InfoGibraltar (James Bay 01) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Concert Dates:

Sept 19th -Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL

Sept 21st -The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater – Miami Beach, FL

Sept 23rd – Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN

Sept 25th – The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC

Sept 28th – State AE in Pittsburgh, PA

Sept 30th – Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY

Oct 1st – Blue Hills Bank Pavillion in Boston, MA

Oct 4th – The Fillmore in Detroit, MI

Oct 7th – The Pageant in St. Louis, MO

Music Challenge – Jordan Feliz & Frightened Rabbit

Music streaming makes this challenge so much easier. In the old days, if you wanted to “Take A Chance” on an album, you had to shell out money. Now, you just click on the album and it starts playing.

So the challenge is to go to a streaming service and look for an album cover that you like or is so bad that you have to listen to the album or just pick an artist that you have never heard that seems intriguing. Click on it and give it a listen.

In the comments below, let me know what album you listened to and tell me what you thought. I have done this twice over the last few weeks and have been pleasantly surprised.

Jordan Feliz

The first artist I clicked on was Jordan Feliz.   I picked because of the album cover. It was a picture of Jordan in a cool hat and I thought he had this singer/songwriter vibe going.

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Matt Nathanson – Artist Profile

Matt Nathanson 2014

My first artist profile is of singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson. I discovered his music when I was listening to an internet radio station. His song “Come on Get Higher” came on and I was instantly drawn to it and wanted to hear more by him. I went and bought the album “Some Mad Hope” and from that point on I was hooked and now a life long fan.

Matt has been around playing since the early 90’s and his first album came out in 1993. I believe I read somewhere that it was songs he had written in high school. I would describe his early stuff as indie/college style music. When I would listen to his older stuff I have to admit I didn’t particular care for his albums in the 90’s, but that is not to say you wouldn’t like it. For me, it is just not something that spoke to me.

But somewhere around 2002 and his E.P. – “When Everything Meant Everything” his songwriting and sound started to click. I could get into these songs. They started speaking to me. Each album after spoke to me more and more and I believe he has hit his stride and his writing and his storytelling just get better and better.

One interesting thing about Matt is he is a closet Metal Head which I think is so cool as his music is far from it. He is a big fan of a lot of the rock acts I grew up with and even appeared on That Metal Show.

I have had the pleasure of seeing him live three times now. Sadly, every time I have seen him, he has been an opening act. I hope to change that one day and see him as the headliner. He and his band sound great live and he has such great stage presence and can really draw in a crowd.

The last time I saw him he was the opening act for Train here in Charlotte at the PNC Pavillion. When he came out the crowd was still filling in and not really there to see him. The way he works the crowd is something to see. His style and brand of humor between songs is magnificent. By the end of his set, the entire arena were on their feet screaming and loving every minute of his performance. They left that night knowing what Matt Nathanson was all about.

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