Tori Kelly – Concert Review

On Thursday, April 21st, I took my daughter to see her favorite singer, Tori Kelly.  I wasn’t real excited about going as I didn’t know much about her.  I have heard some songs on the radio but that was about it.

However, I love my daughter and want her to experience music the way I have all my life. So being the great father I am (cough, cough), I sucked it up and went.  The thing I was dreading the most was the 5 hours of standing.  Why standing??  Tori Kelly performed at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC.

FullSizeRender-2 (1)The Fillmore is a standing room only facility and first come first serve on where you can stand.  The concert started at 8pm and the doors opened at 7pm.  This means you have to get there early to get in line for when the doors open at 7pm.

We actually didn’t arrive until about 6:15-6:20 and there were already 2 very long lines. One line was longer than the other, so we chose the shortest line, naturally.  As we were standing in the shorter line, some nice, very loud, lady screams that the line we are in is for Fast Pass and VIP’s only.  Well, we were neither of those.

I went up to the nice lady and asked her what the Fast Pass was and why I need one.  Apparently, that line gets let in first before the other very long line.  The cost…$10 per ticket.  Okay, I can do that.  That is pretty cheap.  It was so worth it.  We didn’t get to stand by the stage (thank goodness as the people were packed in like sardines and someone passed out, I think).  We did get towards the front of the first riser up right behind the soundboards which gave us a great unobstructed view of the stage.

Let us get back to the standing.  We arrive at 6:15-6:20.  Stand in line to get in at 7pm.  At 7pm, the doors open and we find a great spot to stand for another hour until the opening act comes on at 8pm.  The opening act plays for about 30-40 minutes and Tori comes on at 9pm and plays until around 10:30-10:40 and then it takes us until 11pm to get back to the car.  I am just going to round up to say 5 hours of standing.  And I paid for that torture.

Enough complaining! Because it was all worth it.  My daughter loved the show and I actually enjoyed it as well.  Tori Kelly is a wonderful talent and should have a nice career in the music business.

Optimized-IMG_1179Tori Kelly opened the show with “Where I Belong” and “Unbreakable Smile”, the opening songs to her album “Unbreakable Smile”.  “Where I Belong” was way more powerful than how she does it on the album and a nice way to start the show.

The next song was “Expensive” and one of the few songs I actually knew and I loved it. Very energetic and loud.  It made me start to move a little, but not too much as I can’t embarrass my daughter.  Plus, I don’t want her to know I like it.

Tori then went through the song “Anyway” and on to another song I know “Nobody Love” which was another great song.  I have to say, this girl can sing and sounds great live. The next song is my daughters least favorite song that Tori does called “Falling Slow”.  She continued on nicely with “First Heartbreak”, “Daydream” and “Paper Hearts”.

The next part of the show is where Tori really shines.  It is just her, a guitar and her voice.  I could have watched a whole show of just that.  She was amazing and showed how special she really is.  To think Simon Cowell said her voice was annoying when she was on Idol.  That is so not the case.  During this part she played “Beautiful Things”, a cover medley of “Suit & Tie”, “P.Y.T.” and “Thinking About You” and finished with “Confetti” and “Funny”.

Optimized-IMG_1256 (1)The band came back out and the lighting changed to a beautiful purple color.  They started playing “When Doves Cry” to pay respects to Prince who we sadly lost that morning.  It was really special and the crowd went crazy.

She went directly into a song I didn’t know called “City Dove”.  Well, let me tell you it was the highlight of the whole evening for me.  I thought she killed it on that song and I now have a favorite song by Tori Kelly.

“I Was Made For Loving You” was her next song and sadly, no Ed Sheeran came out to help her sing as they sing that together on the album.  I know my daughter was REALLY hoping he would.

She continued on fantastically with 4 more songs including “Treasure (Interlude)”, “Talk”, “Something Beautiful”, “All In My Head/Say My Name (Destiny’s Child cover)” and ended on a high note with “Dear No One”.

The crowd went nuts and immediately starts chanting “TORI, TORI” as they knew the encore was coming.  She came back out to a very excited crowd and went into her biggest hit “Hollow”.  I think it is her biggest hit as it was the song I knew the best.

After the song ended, her drummer started going into a drum solo which I thought was odd for an encore.  To my surprise, a spotlight appears on the other side of the stage and there is Tori behind another drum set and they break in to a dual drum solo.  She was pretty good, but definitely not as good as her actual drummer.  It was actually a nice surprise.

FullSizeRender-3 (1)

She ended with what is probably her biggest hit “Should’ve Been Us” and the whole place was just going crazy.  Hands in the air and screaming.

I have to say it was a really great show and I am glad I took my daughter as seeing your favorite artist live is always a memorable and enjoyable experience and one I want for her to experience as often as we are able.  However, I think she is upset I didn’t get her the Meet & Greet tickets.  Maybe next time.

We didn’t have a camera so we were using an iPhone and the pictures aren’t that great. Sorry about that.

If you have seen Tori Kelly, let me know your thoughts about her show or if you have taken your child to a show you weren’t thrilled about but loved it anyway.

6 thoughts on “Tori Kelly – Concert Review

  1. I enjoyed your post about this concert. Glad you guys got to go. You’re brave souls for standing that long.


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