100th Blog Post – A look back

This marks my 100th Blog Post since I started back on April 17, 2016.  I am so happy to make it to this milestone.  I wasn’t sure if I would stick with it for very long and I somehow have managed to keep posting.  Now I know I am just under 4 months and that isn’t very long, but I didn’t know if I would even make it that long.

It has been so much fun and I have met some very interesting people and been to some great and amazing blogs.  The people in the blog world have been wonderful and so supportive.  The struggle for me is to be able to visit everyone’s site and leave comments.  I am still new with the whole social aspect of the blogging world as I am not the most overly social person.  I feel this is the one (of many) areas I still need to keep working at to improve.

What has been a surprise for me is how many visitors I have had and the number of countries people have come from that have visited my site.  I already have had over 850 visitors and over 2,100 views from people in over 45 different countries.  I don’t know if that is a lot, but I think it is pretty cool.

One funny thing to me is that I started off expecting this to be a pure Rock & Roll Blog, but that has not been the case.  I have written about Pop, Christian and many other different types of music.  My most popular posts have been more Pop than Rock (3 out of the 5).  My 5 most popular posts are as follows:

  1. Sixx: A.M. – Prayers of the Damned, Vol 1. – Album Review (68 views)
  2. Tori Kelly – Concert Review (61 views)
  3. Thirdstory – Searching EP (58 views)
  4. Christina Grimme – Voice Alum – Dies (57 views)
  5. Hellyeah! – Unden!able – Album Review (51 views)

And to my surprise, one post did not do very well at all. It has had only 1 view.  It was a post I did in memory of the late, great Steve Lee from the band Gotthard.  I know not many people of heard of that band outside of Europe, but I was a huge fan and loved his voice.  In the end, it really doesn’t matter how many people view it as the point of the blog for me was a place that I could document the music that I love and to just talk about music period.

Now, if you were to ask me which ones have been my personal favorites.  It would be the Tori Kelly – Concert Review mentioned above and the one called “Turntables & Vinyl”.  The reason is due to that they were both about adventures with one of my daughters. They have influenced my blog more than I thought possible.  Any of my personal pictures on here have been taken by one of my daughters.

But the real reason behind the blog was my wife’s encouragement.  She had been reading about blogs and thought it would be great for me to have a place to talk about the thing I am most passionate about (other than her and my girls), music!  I have to thank her for that.  She is so awesome!!

Here is to the next 100 posts (101 coming tomorrow with the Friday New Releases).

10 thoughts on “100th Blog Post – A look back

        1. Yes, it was lonely. I didn’t realize it only had one view until I started writing this post. I then felt sorry for it and that is why I mentioned it. Gotthard is a great band and Steve was the main reason in my book.


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