Thirdstory – Searching EP

When I took my daughter to see Tori Kelly (check out review here), the opening act was Thirdstory.  I would describe them as 3 guys, who can harmonize, whose voices will surprise (hey – that rhymes!).  They have such a smooth sound and are amazing live.

We walked out of after the show commenting on how great they sounded.  Listening to a band live tells you how good they really are and these guys can sing. Their harmonies were amazing and the notes they can hit gave me chills.  On a side note, their tour drummer was a monster.  He added so much to their sound and made it that much more enjoyable for me.

The band consists of Elliott Skinner, Richard Saunders and Ben Lusher and they currently live in New York.  Yesterday, they released a 3 song EP called Searching (The Verve Music Group).  I only knew about it because my daughter texted me while I was at work telling me that it was out and I should listen to it.  She even supplied a link.  Well, I did that on the way home.

After four consecutive listens in a row, I knew that these guys might be on to something special.  If you just want to listen to good music with great stories and great vocals, then check it out.

Track List

“Searching for a Feeling” – A nice introduction to the band and what to expect from their sound.  Just solid, smooth vocals and heartfelt songs.

“G Train” – My favorite of the 3. If I remember from the concert, this one is about their life in New York.  This one sounded awesome live. You can tell this song means a lot to the band.

“Grows Old” – This is a slow song and towards the end builds up to a sonic boom of vocal harmonies that take this song over the top (at least it felt that way in the car with the volume turned way up).

Their full album drops in the Fall and is produced by Frank Ocean & Zayn (yes, the former One Direction star).  I will be picking the album up when it comes out.  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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