Friday New Releases – September 14th

Okay, sit back and get ready for a ton of new music today.  There are an abundance of albums to choose from today so hopefully there is something for you.  My tastes this week are all over the board from Rock to Country to Christian Pop to Alternative to Tony Bennett (he is a category all his own).  My choices are in Blue.  Let me know what does or doesn’t interest you and let me know what I missed.  Happy listening and have a great weekend.

  • 81TVE9D0ABL._SX522_  Monster Truck – True Rockers – (Mascot Records):  The band’s last album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ was amazing and really got me into this band.  The first song I heard on this one didn’t excite me, but this will probably be the first one I listen to this morning.  Hopefully the rest of it packs a punch and gives me more of what I love from the band which is gritty and dirty straight up rock & roll.

  • A1w1VtfribL._AC_UL115_  Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty – (Universal Music Group):  Don’t judge me, I like Carrie Underwood.  She is a guilty pleasure and I am not afraid to admit it.  She has an incredible voice and her rendition of “How Great Thou Art” will move you to tears.  Anyway, I am looking forward to another release by her so keep them coming Carrie.

  • download-22  Andrew Stockdale – Slipstream – (Middle Man):  The lead singer of Wolfmother has his own solo album out that I did not know about until last week.  I will be listening to this.  His Wolfmother stuff is great so hoping for some surprises here.

  • 91sSnpEl16L._SX522_  Tori Kelly – Hiding Places – (Capitol Records):  A very surprise release from Tori Kelly.  After dropping from the limelight after her incredible debut album, she returns with an E.P.  Not only that, but it is Christian music…and with the help of Kirk Franklin (great choice).  I took my daughter to see her live (Tori Kelly Concert Review) and I became a fan.  She does have a great voice and is a pretty good songwriter to boot.  Give her a try.

  • 91ZzDKvhfQL._SX522_.jpg  Tony Bennett & Diana Krall – Love Is Here to Stay – (Verve Label Group):  Tony Bennett and Dianna Krall…Really…Do I need to even say anything else…I don’t think so.

  • 71u1VqsF3QL._SX522_.jpg  Ann Wilson – Immortal – (BMG):  The voice of Heart.  She has one of the most powerful voices in Rock and she could sing the phone book and I would listen.  For the younger generation…a phone book is a collection of phone numbers for people that live in your city and comes in a big book with both white and yellow pages.  It was delivered to you by mail and left at your front door.

And I am sure I will eventually get to more of these eventually.  There is so much this week, I don’t know if I will have time to get through them all.

  • 5138l5qH7xL._AC_US436_QL65_  Good Charlotte – Generation Rx – (BMG)
  • 61dU0jPDdEL._AC_US436_QL65_  Treat – Tunguska – (Frontiers Music)
  • 61BXelEDpFL._AC_US436_QL65_  The Guess Who – The Future Is What It Used to Be – (Cleopatra)
  • 51+bgmMl8cL._AC_US436_QL65_  Willie Nelson – My Way – (Sony Music)
  • 61-VKSQHZCL._AC_US320_QL65_  Asleep at the Wheel – New Routes – (Bismeaux Records)
  • 71ICxXLx7fL._SX522_  Uriah Heep – Living the Dream – (Frontiers Music)
  • 81U1DbJ+VRL._AC_UL115_  Dream Child – Until Death Do We Meet Again – (Frontiers Music)
  • 91KYbFuZqVL._AC_UL115_  Deicide – Overtures of Blashemy – (Century Media)
  • 61kKK8ZZxzL._SS500  Thrice – Palms – (Epitaph)
  • 81UtRmh+MQL._AC_UL115_  Snakes in Paradise – Step Into the Light – (Frontiers Music)
  • 81iMAggePZL._AC_UL115_  Groundbreaker – Groundbreaker – (Frontiers Music)
  • 61QCLjLjMcL._AC_US436_QL65_  Tiffany – Pieces of Me – (Go On Then Records)

31 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – September 14th

  1. I’ll be checking out that Willie Nelson album. No brainer for me – Willie Nelson doing songs Frank Sinatra done. Yas! As well as that, I’ll be checking out the new Alejandro Escovedo album (The Crossing).

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  2. I don’t mind Carrie Underwood! She’s got a great sense of humour, she can sing and she’s never had a mis-step.

    Monster Truck is a “wait and see” for me.
    And the Guess Who, I don’t want to buy it, but good on them for getting Rudy Sarzo, how bizarre!

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  3. Willie, Ann, Tony/Diana, Andrew, Groundbreaker, Snakes In Paradise, Dream Child, and Treat intrigue me . Also there are a few other releases from Trews, Dirty Nil, Paul Weller, Low, Steven Page, We Were Promised Jetpacks, and Hawkwind.

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