The Defiants – The Defiants – Album Review – 82%

Paul Laine, Rob Marcello and Bruno Ravel all make up the new band The Defiants.  If those names sound familiar to you than you are obviously a fan of Danger Danger as all three were once a part of that great band.

Frontiers Music SRI brought these 3 back together again to bring us a rock masterpiece.  Okay, I am being a little overly dramatic.  But it is really, really great! If you were a fan of  Danger Danger or just a fan of Paul Laine’s vocals, be prepared for some of his best vocal performances.  The band has such a cohesive sound and this is the album that Danger Danger should have made years ago.

As much as I enjoyed Ted Poley as the lead singer of Danger Danger, when he left and Paul Laine took over vocals, the band’s dynamic changed and I feel for the better.  Years later when Ted Poley reunited with Danger Danger and Paul was no longer a member, I yearned for more music from his version of the band.  Now I have it.

The whole album has been crafted with catchy choruses and the obligatory guitar solos (thanks to Marcello) as there are not enough guitar solos in songs anymore. Laine’s and Ravel’s songwriting  has never been better and gives you an overall enjoyable experience.  I don’t know what I was expecting when I heard about this project, but it exceeded all expectations.

Track Listing

“Carillion” – This is a short intro to the album with just a music box and a guitar.  It is actually quite nice. (I don’t count intros or interludes into my scoring of an album).

“Love And Bullets”Keeper – “You better get ready.  Cause I got news for you” are the opening lines to the song and I have news for you…this album is picking up where Danger Danger left off. It gives you that catchy chorus and a nice guitar solo on top of that.

“When The Lights Go Down”Keeper – Their song formula continues on this track.  Why change it up when it is working.

Waiting On A Heartbreak”Keeper –  Not quite a full out rocker and not quite a ballad in how I picture a ballad but it is another good choice and entertaining song that I would want to listen to again.

“Runaway”Keeper –  I liked how the song opened with a piano and boy counting down for the song to kick in. The song gives you another catchy chorus and guitar solo…same old formula as the other songs but that is what I want from these guys.

“Lil’ Miss Rock’n’roll”Keeper – Do you like it when a song uses song titles from older, popular songs as part of the lyrics?  It can come off as very cheesy.  And it does, but it works.  I actually enjoy it when this trick is used because it will make me get all nostalgic for those songs and I will end up going to listen to them as well.

“Last Kiss”Keeper – Nothing new or original here.  I still don’t mind it.  I want more.

“Save Me Tonight”Keeper – The first ballad on the album and a good point to slow it down a little.  I think this Paul’s best vocal performance on the album.  Plus, I enjoy a good rock ballad and they do deliver.

“Take Me Back”Keeper – This song does take you back to the 80’s rock sound and is another great song that you will enjoy.

“We All Fall Down”Delete – The formula on this song is like the others, however, I don’t feel it on this one.  There is something missing.  It is not my favorite vocally for Paul either.

“That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You”Delete – The 2nd and last ballad on the album and at a little under 7 minutes starts to drag on and loses you.  Good attempt but should have been a shorter song.  It is a shame as it has a Bon Jovi vibe on the vocals.

“Underneath The Stars”Keeper – The tempo picks up and back to a good old-fashioned rocker.  I thought this was a great way to end the album as it makes you want to hear more and start the album over.

9 keepers out 11 songs – 82% (4.1 out 5 stars). If you can’t tell, I really enjoyed this album. Way better than my expectations and now I want them to do more albums.  I hope this doesn’t end up being a one-off experience.  Go out and get it so they will see they need to continue on as a band.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment or shoot me an email.


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