Friday New Releases – July 22nd

This is a very quiet week for new releases.  Only one new one that I am eager to hear, Leeland’s ‘Invisible’.  There are 2 greatest hits that you should check out if you don’t have all their stuff already – Dio and Dragonforce.  Outside of that, not real excited about the others.

  • 515hrNs8fbL._AC_US160_  Leeland – Invisible – (Provident) – It has been about 5 years since their last album. The band’s line-up has changed significantly and only 2 members left.  If you like Christian music, they are worth giving a listen.

  • 61gzGP-T6EL._AC_US160_  Dragonforce – Killer Elite – (Spinefarm) – I became familiar with them due to either Rock Band or Guitar Hero, I can’t remember which one.  The song “Through the Fire and Flames” was featured in the game and it was filled with blazing guitars and was a great power/speed metal song.  I am eager to see if anything on there I don’t already have.
  • 61hb0jGd5BL._AC_US160_  Dio – A Decade of Dio: 1983-1993 (6 CD Boxset) – (Rhino/Warner Bros.) – This is a compilation of Dio’s first 6 albums. If you don’t have any Dio in your collection, you might as well get this.
  • relientkairforfree  Relient K – Air for Free – (Mono vs Stereo) –  I haven’t listen to Relient K in years, but glad to see they still are putting out music.  I will give it a listen since there isn’t much new stuff this week.
  • 61u1o3lxIXL._AC_US160_.jpg  Crown the Empire – Retrograde – (Rise Records)
  • 51wT3q1IydL._AC_US160_  Keith Sweat – Dress to Impress – (RAL/Keith Sweat)
  • 61vLsfWkJAL._AC_US160_  Gucci Mane – Everybody Looking – (Atlantic)

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