Friday New Releases – October 28th

It feels like I just did this last week…oh wait…I did.  Another Friday and another week full of Christmas albums.  I can’t wait (he says very sarcastically).  There are a plethora of new releases, but only a few must haves for me.  There a few metal ones down the list I will probably give a listen to as well.  The most intriguing for me are highlighted in Blue.

  • 51e2Mw7ItvL._AC_US160_  Dee Snider – We Are the Ones – (Snider Than Thou Productions):  The Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider, is releasing his first ever solo album and all I can say is..IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!

  • 61zasfgjuel-_ac_us160_  The Answer – Solas – (Napalm Records):  Only a year and a half after their last release, I am glad to see new material so quickly.  The Answer is a hard rock/blues band with such a great sound.  Worth checking out all their stuff.

  • 61bCw2Z34WL._AC_US160_  The Piano Guys – Uncharted – (Portrait):  This classical crossover team makes elevator music cool.  Their mixture of classical and pop/rock songs brings you a great new viewpoint to these tunes.  They always make it interesting.  Their videos are usually just as spectacular.  Check out the version of Adele’s Hello below.

  • cover170x170-2  Tove Lo – Lady Wood – (Universal Records)
  • cover170x170-60  Madness – Can’t Touch Us Now – (Lucky 7)
  • cover170x170-24  Thomas Rhett – Tangled Up (Deluxe) – (Big Machine)
  • 61vddvh2gxl-_ac_us160_  Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Hallelujah – (Sony Music Nashville)
  • cover170x170-55  Cole Swindell – Down Home Series III E.P. – (Warner Music Nashville)
  • cover170x170-43  Kip Moore – Underground E.P. – (MCA Nashville)
  • 41weyuhghtl-_ac_us160_  Pitbull – Climate Change – (RCA)
  • cover170x170-46  Jeezy – Trap or Die 3 – (YJ Music, Inc / Def Jam)
  • 51t3iiqitul-_ac_us160_  Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake – (Nuclear Blast America)
  • 61i1r5tnbll-_ac_us160_  Crowbar – The Serpent Only Lies – (Entertainment One Music)
  • cover170x170-41  Dope – Blood Money – (Entertainment One Music)
  • 61tokglnzwl-_ac_us160_  Theocracy – Ghost Ship – (Ulterium Records)
  • cover170x170-52  Helmet – Dead to the World – (Edel Germany GmbH)
  • 61gznnd2cbl-_ac_us160_  Nada Surf – Peaceful Ghosts – (Barsuk Records)
  • 51njfox75vl-_ac_us160_  Roy Orbison – The Ultimate Collection – (Sony Legacy)
  • 41gm2ealctl-_ac_us160_  Bret Eldredge – Glow – (Atlantic Nashville)
  • cover170x170-27  Straight No Chaser – I’ll Have Another…Christmas Album – (Atlantic)
  • 61udgd4mifl-_ac_us160_  Jimmy Buffett – Tis the SeaSon – (Mailboat Records)
  • cover170x170-7  LeAnn Rimes – Remnants – (Sony Music)
  • 61i4rivpo3l-_ac_us160_  Neil Diamond – Acoustic Christmas – (Capitol)
  • 51mboekr9el-_ac_us160_  Jennifer Nettles – To Celebrate Christmas – (Big Machine)
  • 51mtabf4ykl-_ac_us160_  Kacey Musgraves – A Very Kacey Christmas – (Mercury Nashville)
  • 519toyzuwvl-_ac_us160_  Jordan Smith – ‘Tis the Season – (Republic)
  • 51ik5kcysrl-_ac_us160_  Jackie Evancho – Someday at Christmas – (Sony Masterworks)
  • 51irajrrcvl-_ac_us160_  She & Him – Christmas Party – (Columbia)

31 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – October 28th

          1. Do you listen to whole albums that way?

            I am very OCD (obsessive compulsive) but I was only diagnosed four years ago. Since then, A LOT of stuff about my collecting and habits made more sense! I don’t know when this even really started, but I somehow don’t like listening to music that isn’t in my possession!

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            1. Yes I do. As I never know for sure what I am in the mood it is great for switching it up if I am not feeling something at the moment. Also, my kids are into the whole streaming thing and they helped me switch over to the dark side. But there is still nothing better than holding that Album cover or booklet in your hand.

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              1. I imagine having kids around makes it easier to hear the newer artists coming out.

                I always like looking through the credits, seeing the photos inside. When I was a kid, it was also about seeing the band’s “new image”. Every band seemed to change costumes and sometimes hair from album to album. When Dr. Feelgood came out, it was also cool because it had lots of pictures. And Motley Crue had never looked so cool! Vince looked and was a real rock star back then.


  1. I love these lists. Makes my shopping/listening list easier. 🙂

    Of all of these, I’m most curious about Helmet (are they still going, or have they re-started?), Dee Snider, and The Answer (thanks for the pro tip on this act!).

    I hear good things about Kacey Musgraves, but I don’t tend to like Christmas music so meh. Also, Tove Lo’s album title/cover art combo is the best thing I’ve seen in ages.

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    1. Thanks! Don’t know about the Helmet one. I just saw that they were releasing something so added it as I was surprised. I will find out for you. The Answer is awesome, glad to hear that you are interested in them. They have never disappointed. Kacey is great but don’t like Christmas albums so won’t be getting. Do check her stuff out though. The only reason Tove Lo is on here is the album cover. Don’t know much about her otherwise.


      1. I had a peek – looks like it’s a reunited Helmet since.. 2004? I am really out of the loop on these guys. I’ll be looking for The Answer. Was thinking, that’s a great name for a band. Whatever your question is, we’re The Answer!

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