The Scariest Bands – Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is a fun time to dress up into your alter ego whether it is Tramping out or going full on scary.  The following bands don’t need Halloween to go full on scary because they are that way all the time.  I am going to keep the list rather mainstream because there is some really crazy sh#t out there that actually scares me, but probably too crude and disturbing to actually post.

Here are the some of the Scariest Rock Bands that have crossed our path.

Slipknot:  A heavy metal band out of Iowa, Slipknot is known for the stage shows where the band dresses up in similar clothing but each wearing masks that are very unique and quite scary at times.  The band would do a lot of stage diving, fighting and occasionally would light other band members on fire which made for a crazy concert experience.

Slipknot Live In London at Live Download 2009

Gwar: Gwar takes scary to a new level.  They wear outrageous rather grotesque costumes, that are interesting to say the least.  The real scary part is the outfits would not entirely cover their entire body.  Audiences would be blasted with all sorts of unknown liquids during the shows and mutilations of public figures both political and celebrity figures (only simuated for theatrics).  The show seems to breed violence.  The video below will give you an idea of what to expect.

GWAR live in Toronto, 2008

Rob Zombie:  Rob’s love of horror films is distinctive in his musical stylings.  The music is heavy metal with an industrial sound.  Music Enthusiast magazine stated his music is like Alice Cooper if his songs were written for strip clubs.  I can see that.  His make-up & his bandmates all have a scary, horror theme to them.  With John 5’s screaming guitars, Rob Zombie is a must for any metal fan.

20140615-132-Nova Rock 2014-Rob Zombie-Rob Zombie

Alice Cooper:  Since I mentioned Alice in Rob’s section, we might as well talk about the King of Scary, Alice Cooper.  His music garnered the label as “shock rock” due to the bands stage antics with snakes and farm animals (okay just one farm animal).  The most famous is the chicken incident where a chicken was thrown up on stage.  Alice thinking the bird could fly, through the bird up in the air and out into the audience.  Chickens can’t fly, so the bird fell like a rock and supposedly, fans began tearing apart the chicken.  If that is not frightening, I don’t know what is.

Alice Cooper 2015

Kiss:  Maybe all of the band isn’t scary, but the Demon certainly is.  Gene Simmon’s Demon character is one scary dude.  With his evil make-up, the spitting fire and the blood pouring from his mouth, it is enough to give a kid nightmares.  Maybe that is why I love the Demon so much (although Ace was my favorite).  With the make-up on, Gene loses himself and goes all out as his alter ego (oh, and does he have an ego).


Marilyn Manson:  The 90’s saw a new shock rocker with Marilyn Manson.  The bands imagery in their videos was beyond disturbing.  His androgynous appearance also added to the shock value.  The very industrial sound of their music and goth vibe was a new kind of scary for the time.

Manson en concierto 6

Ozzy Osbourne:  When your nickname is “The Prince of Darkness”, you must be scary.  In the beginning of his solo career, Ozzy was just that…scary.  Christian groups hated him and boycotted his shows and there were several stories of him biting the head off a dove in a meeting and biting the head off a bat during a show.  I guess he was hungry…or maybe drugs!!  The scariest thing he has ever done though was a reality show on MTV…all his scariness disappeared…oh well!


King Diamond:  The lead singer of Mercyful Fate went solo simply as King Diamond.  His use of white make-up has been consistent over the years, but he does change the design work on his face.  His microphone stand is a femur and tibia bone as you can see below.  One other thing, his falsetto is really scary.  How he gets that high is insane.

Tuska 20130628 - King Diamond - 32

Mushroomhead:  In the same vein as Slipknot, the band wears mask and apparently there was some sort of feud between the bands or at least their fans.  The videos have been banned from TV due to the graphic nature of them and I have to admit the video creeped me out a little.  I am now scared!!!


And finally the scariest thing in music that has ever graced us with their presence:


13 thoughts on “The Scariest Bands – Happy Halloween!!

  1. Great post, John. You always choose interesting topics to write about. I’m so bogged down with writing reviews that I neglect writing about interesting stuff like this – but I’m going off-topic.

    At any rate, while some of the guitar riffs are head-bangingly good, overall I don’t care for most hardcore/death metal rock, so don’t find these bands very appealing. I NEVER liked KISS, Ozzy Osborne nor Marilyn Manson, partly due to their off-putting (at least to me) personas. I realize, however, that there are a lot of people who LOVE this intense, brutal & cynical kind of music, and think mainstream rock bands like R.E.M., U2, Coldplay and Blink-182 are wusses who play wimpy crap.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I realize, however, that there are a lot of people who LOVE this intense, brutal & cynical kind of music, and think mainstream rock bands like R.E.M., U2, Coldplay and Blink-182 are wusses who play wimpy crap.

      You mean, in the same way white people say that they can’t stand “rap” music, even when they’ve never bothered to listen to it?

      You’re correct to an extent. Me? I like pretty much all music, including the “brutal and cynical” groups listed here. The only band that you list that I consider wimpy is Blink-182. R.E.M., U2, and Coldplay get high praise in my book, as do Rob Zombie, Ozzy, Alice, and KISS.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word “cynical,” but what I meant was a dislike of songs that are in any way sentimental or romantic in subject. At least that’s the impression I got from comments by friends/acquaintances on the subject.

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    2. I love it all, so I don’t think any of it is wimpy. When you go into Death and Black metal, it gets a little too dark for me; although I do like a darker edge sometimes. R.E.M., U2 & Coldplay are all awesome. Blink was good very early on, but not so much lately. But like I said, I like it all.

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      1. I hate to admit that until only a few years ago, I was pretty closed-minded about several ‘alternative’ genres of music, including hardcore, metalcore, rap and even a lot of hip-hop, and my tastes were mostly limited to mainstream rock and classic rock, pop, R&B, soul and techno. I was basically a middle-aged fuddy-duddy like many of my friends, some of whom aren’t aware of any music more recent than Bruce Springsteen or Sting (both great artists). Since starting my blog, however, I’ve been exposed to lots of new indie music – some of it by hip-hop, rap and hardcore artists – which has opened my mind to many kinds of music I previously disregarded. I now like, or at least appreciate, a lot more hip hop, some rap, and harder rock. I even like a few of Slipknot’s songs – lol.

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        1. I am there with you. Since I started the blog, I have listened to some things I wouldn’t have thought twice about before. My rap is still limited, but I have been listening to Public Enemy & NWA which I never appreciated when they were actually popular. That was my rock only stage.


          1. I’m afraid l can’t get into those two, as I just find gangsta rap so repugnant. And try as I might, I still cannot tolerate Kanye West. I don’t like him nor his music, but I realize I’m in a small minority there. At least I appreciate Kendrick Lamar.

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  2. Great list of artists, here – with the exception of Corey Feldman, LOL!
    The GWAR song that I like is “Penguin Attack,” personally…and King Diamond had some great hits, both with Mercyful Fate and on his solo albums.

    Too bad that you didn’t see fit to give Screamin’ Jay Hawkins an honourable mention here, seeing as how he inspired quite a few of these artists…otherwise, great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks. I had to throw Corey in their. That performance on the Today show was down right scary. On Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, I didn’t recognize the name so I went and looked him up and I was familiar with him, just didn’t realize it was him. He would have been a great addition to the list. Thanks for the add.

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