Glenn Hughes – ‘Resonate’ – Album Review

At the age of 65, most people think of retirement.  Thank God Glenn Hughes is not most people.  At 65, this man is busier and better than ever.  Since 2010, Glenn Hughes has been one of the hardest working singers in the business.  He has put out 3 albums with Black Country Communion, 1 album with California Breed, 1 album with Voodoo Hill, extensive touring, he even had time to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Deep Purple…oh yeah and heart surgery in 2013.

After 8 long years since his last solo album, Glenn Hughes now brings us his heaviest rock album ever with ‘Resonate’ on Frontiers Record SRL.

There are 2 things that make this album incredible.

1. His voice.  The “Voice of Rock” does not disappoint.  His voice sounds just as great now as when he was younger.  Not many people can still sing with such quality (cough, cough Meatloaf) and he sounds better than most of the young artists out there right now.

2. The Band.  With being around as long as he has, Glenn has worked with some very talented musicians over the years.  Some of the best in the business.  So, putting together a band to support his solo work should be easy.  And it is.  What a band.

  • Soren Andersen on Guitar
  • Pontus Engborg on Drums
  • Lachy Doley on Keyboards
  • Don’t forget that Glenn plays Bass
  • Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers plays drums on the opening & closing tracks.

The quality of the songs, singing and musicianship make this album one of the highlights of the year from any artist.  The great thing is you can hear every instrument whether it is the guitar,the bass, the drums or the keyboards.  They are all crisp and clear and blend so well into a cohesive collection of songs.

I love a guitar rock album and there is no lacking of great guitar on this album.  The guitar solos by Soren Andersen throughout this album are incredible, the riffs and every note are amazing.  Not to be outdone, Glenn’s bass is pretty impressive.  I enjoy it when you can actually hear every note the bass is playing and how well it meshes with the guitar playing.

Lachy Doley on keyboards is highlighted throughout and although he is the newcomer in the bunch, he fits in perfectly.  On the song “How Long”, his playing really gets showcased.  Lastly, Pontus Engborg’s drums are the power and punch that pieces it all the together.  Every drum strike is done with purpose.

Glenn mentioned in interviews for this album that he felt his fans wanted a rock album and so he gave them what they wanted.  The opening track “Heavy” brings the rock and he definitely doesn’t disappoint his fans.  When I heard this song after he released it as the first single, I immediately got excited for this album and that excitement is still there after listening to the entire album almost 10 times over the last week. I couldn’t stop hitting repeat.  The guitar is loud and the playing is exceptional.

The next song up, “My Town”, keeps the energy going.  The drums are pounding throughout and more heavy ass guitar.  This one is my favorite on the album. “Flow” is such a dirty sounding rock song and with this trio of songs to open the album, you are sitting there and your mind is blown. Guitar rock at its best.  “Let It Shine” has that gritty sound as well and some heavy bass. It is one of Glenn’s favorites on the album.

“Steady” is up next and was actually meant for California Breed, but he didn’t get it finished in time.  Thankfully, it was finished and showed up here.  Lachy’s playing is…Wow!  “God of Money” picks the heavy back up with Glenn’s disappointment about people who put money before their art.

“How Long” I mentioned above when talking about Lachy Doley and took awhile to grow on me, but with each listened I started to enjoy it more and more.  “When I Fall” slows things down.  Yet another great song and gives you a chance to catch your breath before the final 3 awesome songs.

“Landmines” brings us a little funked up guitar sound and a reminder of how great Soren’s playing has been throughout (like we could actually forget that).  Afterwards comes “Stumble & Go” which doesn’t stumble and gives you more rock, but changes up the sound slightly.

The last song on the album “Long Time Gone”, a song about being away from God for too long and finding your back.  It is such a heartfelt song and you can feel his emotions behind it.  Perfect song to end the album.

Track Listing:

  1. “Heavy” – Keeper
  2. “My Town” – Keeper
  3. “Flow” – Keeper
  4. “Let It Shine” – Keeper
  5. “Steady” – Keeper
  6. “God of Money” – Keeper
  7. “How Long” – Keeper
  8. “When I Fall” – Keeper
  9. “Landmines”– Keeper
  10. “Stumble & Go” – Keeper
  11. “Long Time Gone” – Keeper

11 keepers out 11 songs – 100% (5 out 5 stars).  Glenn’s solo work is so different from album to album and I haven’t liked everything he has done, but this is by far my favorite.  It is the type of rock album that I enjoy and can’t get enough.  The quality of the production is exceptional and I can’t say enough about the musicianship on the album. It was a great ride from beginning to end.  I wouldn’t take off one song.  I admit I have given a few 100% this year, but they have all deserved it.  The album “Resonated” with me and hopefully with you.


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