Friday New Releases – December 23rd

To my surprise, there were actually some albums that were released today…two days before Christmas.  I pulled up Apple Music to see if there was anything and sure enough, there was.  In case you are interested for some last minute gifts, here are the handful of releases worth mentioning.  There are a couple (highlighted in Blue) that I will give a listen.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!!!

170x170bb-67  Nine Inch Nails – Not the Actual Events E.P. – (The Null Corporation):  NIN is back with a 5 song E.P. just in time for Christmas.  I am not a huge fan, but there stuff is interesting enough to at least give one spin.

170x170bb-69  Shawn Mendes – Live At Madison Square Gardens – (Island Records):  Okay, I am not excited about this, but my youngest daughter is thrilled.  We even listened to it on the way to the Doctor this morning as my little princess isn’t feeling well.

170x170bb-68  Yo Gotti – White Friday (CM9) – (Epic Records): Not a huge hip-hop but figured this one was worth mentioning to you.  Give it a spin or would make a great stocking stuffer.

170x170bb-70  T.I. – Us or Else: Letter to the System – (Grand Hustle LLC):  If you want some more hip-hop than why not get T.I.

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