Jorn Lande – Artist Profile

Time for an update as he has released a new album, ‘Life on Death Road’, since I wrote this around a year ago…

My artist profile this time is on Norwegian rock vocalists, Jorn Lande.  He has a new album coming out on Friday and so I thought I would highlight his career.

His popularity here in the states is pretty much non-existent as I have never heard his songs on the radio.  I find this to be a travesty.  Radio here in the states is so bad now and pollutes our ears with such garbage that we miss out on so many great bands and artists from around the world.

Jorn live at Brewhouse - GöteborgJorn’s voice is so powerful and he could hold is own with some of the more well known vocalist out there.  When he sings, he does sound almost exactly like David Coverdale of Whitesnake.  And when he covers any Whitesnake song, the resemblance is uncanny.

My only negative on Jorn is his music videos.  I swear he looks like he is so angry with the camera and he looks like he is just screaming at it.  If you can get past that, the songs are awesome.

Jorn has been in so many bands, he is sort of a vocal nomad. The bands he has been in are Vagabond, The Snakes, Ark, Millenium. Beyond Twilight, Masterplan and Allen/Lande. My familiarity with him comes from 2 of his bands and his solo work.  So my focus will be strictly with those albums and songs.


Masterplan is a German power metal band started by 2 former members of the band Helloween.  Jorn came on board after several other vocalist turned the invitation down including Russell Allen from Symphony X and Michael Kiske formerly of Helloween as well.  If you are familiar with any of these bands you have an idea of what you are going to get from this band – hard & heavy rock.

Their first album was incredible and probably my favorite of the 3 that Jorn did with the band.  Below are the 3 albums and my favorite songs off each.


  • Masterplan (2003 – AFM Records)  
  • Aeronautics (2005 – AFM Records)
  • Time to be King (2010 – AFM Records)


  • “Spirit Never Dies” off Masterplan
  • “Enlighten Me” off Masterplan

  • “Heroes (features Michael Kiske)” off Masterplan

  • “Crimson Rider” off Aeronautics

  • “Wound” off Aeronautics
  • “Dark from the Dying” off Aeronautics

  • “Fiddle of Time” off Time to be King
  • “Time to be King” off Time to be King
  • “Far From the End of the World” off Time to be King


Another band was a collaboration with Russell Allen simply titled Allen/Lande.  The project was the brainchild of Magnus Karlsson from Primal Fear & Starbreaker.  He did all the writing and producing of 3 of their 4 albums.

I would describe them as a combination of progressive and heavy metal songs.  The combination of Russell & Jorn just make these albums that much more special.  Like with Masterplan, the first album is my favorite as it was awesome to hear these two great singers together.  The next 3 albums were just trying to repeat that success and not always as successful.


  • The Battle (2005 – Frontiers)
  • The Revenge (2007 – Frontiers)
  • The Showdown (2010 – Frontiers)
  • The Great Divide (2014 – Frontiers) – this one without Magnus Karlsson


  • “Another Battle” off The Battle

  • “Wish for a Miracle” off The Battle
  • “Reach a Little Longer” off The Battle
  • “Where Have all the Angels Gone” off The Battle

  • “The Forgotten Ones” off The Battle

  • “The Revenge” off The Revenge
  • “Master of Sorrow” off The Revenge
  • “The Showdown” off The Showdown
  • “Judgement Day” off The Showdown

  • “Come Dream with Me” off The Great Divide
  • “Down from the Mountain” off the Great Divide


Jorn Lande has released 9 solo albums, 2 Live albums, a couple covers album (one solely on Ronnie James Dio), and a couple greatest hits package.  He even has an album where he went back in and added orchestra to a collection of his songs.

There is so much to choose from here that it will be tough to limit my list to a set number, but I will try. Jorn does do a lot of cover songs and although I hate cover albums generally, his are exceptional.  He released another covers album on Friday, June 3rd, but I didn’t find it as exciting as prior albums.  His new release, “Life on Death Road”, is okay, but not as great as albums past.  I am not sure if he is putting out too much music and the quality is dropping of if he has just been there…done that.  I am kind of leaning towards the latter as there is nothing fresh and new on the album.  Maybe I need a few more listens…either way…he is worth checking out.


  • Starfire (2000 – Frontiers)
  • Worldchanger (2001 – Frontiers) – personal favorite
  • Out to Every Nation (2004 – AFM)
  • The Duke (2006 – AFM)
  • Lonely are the Brave (2008 – Frontiers)
  • Spirit Black (2009 – Frontiers)
  • Bring Heavy Rock to the Land (2012 – Frontiers)
  • Traveller (2013 – Frontiers)
  • The Gathering (Greatest Hits – 2007 – Frontiers)
  • Unlocking the Past (Covers – 2007 – Frontiers)
  • Live In America (Live – 2007 – Frontiers)
  • Dukebox (Greatest Hits – 2009 – AFM)
  • Dio (Covers on Ronnie James Dio – 2010 – Frontiers)
  • Live in Black (Live – 2011 – Frontiers)
  • Symphonic (Compilation with Orchestra added – 2013 – Frontiers)
  • Heavy Rock Radio (Covers – 2016 – Frontiers)
  • Life on Death Road (2017 – Frontiers)


  • “Starfire” off Starfire
  • “Sunset Station” off Worldchanger (personal favorite)

  • “Worldchanger” off Worldchanger
  • “Bridges Will Burn” off Worldchanger
  • “Christine” off Worldchanger
  • “Out to Every Nation” off Out to Every Nation

  • “We Brought the Angels Down” off The Duke
  • “Stormcrow” off The Duke
  • “End of Time” off The Duke
  • “Shadow People” off Lonely are the Brave
  • “Bring Heavy Rock to the land” off Bring Heavy Rock to the Land
  • “Traveller” off Traveller

  • “Song for Ronnie James” off Dio

  • “Fire to the Sun” off Life on Death Road


  • “I Walk Alone” off Spirit Black – (Tarja Turunen cover)
  • “Naked City” off Unlocking the Past – (Kiss cover)
  • “The Day the Earth Caught Fire” off Unlocking the Past – (City Boy cover)
  • “Burn” off Starfire and Unlocking the Past – (Deep Purple cover)

  • “Rock & Roll Children” off Symphonic – (Dio cover)
  • “Kill the King” off Dio – (Rainbow cover)
  • “Stormbringer” off Lonely are the Brave – (Deep Purple Cover)”
  • “I Know There’s Something Going On” off Heavy Rock Radio – (Frida cover)

There you have it, my favorite songs from the singer known as Jorn Lande.  If you weren’t familiar with him, I hope you found something you like.  If you are a fan, what songs do you like the best?


8 thoughts on “Jorn Lande – Artist Profile

  1. Good summary there of a great vocal talent. ‘The Battle’ album is truly all killer, no filler. I know some fans knock his recent output, especially as he did a symphonic album. That one I do like though as the strings and orchestration really suit his powerful vocals. The upcoming covers album is good fun!

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    1. I have been a little disappointed with his more recent offerings. However, there are always a couple great songs. I find his earlier stuff to be best. I am with you on the Symphonic album. The orchestra works great with how he sings. I actually it when bands do the whole symphony albums. Metal and classical are not that different.

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