Tuesday’s Memes – U2

U2 has been touring the U.S. lately and a lot of people I know are traveling to other cities to see them.  Me…not so much.  If they won’t come to Charlotte, I ain’t going to them.  So instead, I am going to poke fun at them a little with this week’s Tuesday’s Memes.  I hope you enjoy…

First off…sorry for the really bad joke for the featured article picture…I couldn’t resist.

Let’s start off with that time when U2 & Itunes gave us their album for free and we didn’t ask for it…apparently that caused a big stink.



These made me smile…



This would have really been cool if this did happen…


Sorry… this one is tasteless but funny…



A couple to poke fun at their songs…



Do you think I was going to post a meme without a cat in it.  Apparently I am unable to do that.


Paul David Hewson

And lastly, one more bad joke…


7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – U2

  1. I don’t think I’ve really enjoyed a U2 (or as Liam Gallagher called them “Bingo and his Naff Band”) since Achtung Baby… maybe the odd track here and there but they seem to have vanished up Bono’s arse.
    What’s the difference between God and Bono? God doesn’t walk through the streets of Dublin thinking he’s Bono.

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    1. Too funny!! I probably stopped sometime in the 90’s listening to them. The new stuff did not excite me at all. Bono does have a God complex or something, but my Brother-in-Law who is in the music business got to spend a couple days with Bono and he only had nice things to say about him.


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