Tuesday’s Memes – Elton John

Elton John has announced his Farewell Tour and probably started it by now so it is time to pay homage to the Rocket Man.  I got to see him in concert so I am good not paying hundreds of dollars to see him one more time.  Farewell sir, Farewell!!

The Songs…



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Tuesday’s Memes – U2

U2 has been touring the U.S. lately and a lot of people I know are traveling to other cities to see them.  Me…not so much.  If they won’t come to Charlotte, I ain’t going to them.  So instead, I am going to poke fun at them a little with this week’s Tuesday’s Memes.  I hope you enjoy…

First off…sorry for the really bad joke for the featured article picture…I couldn’t resist.

Let’s start off with that time when U2 & Itunes gave us their album for free and we didn’t ask for it…apparently that caused a big stink.



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Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton – Playlist

With the conventions now behind us, this is what I learned about our candidates.  I don’t really like either of them and I am going to have an extremely hard time deciding between the two.  I will have to do a lot of research into what issues matter to me and where they stand on those issues.

In the meantime, in watching what little of the conventions I did, each candidate is painting a picture of the other candidate that is so not flattering…as they should.  My take away is that I think songs can sum up nicely what the parties think of each other.


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