My Sunday Song – “The Overthrow” by Will Hoge

For My Sunday Song #261, we are going to tackle 10 songs from one of my favorite artist, Will Hoge. First up is the song “The Overthrow” off his 2020 album, ‘Tiny Little Movies’. The album is so raw and honest and this song is no different. Will has a way of painting a picture of America’s landscape with his lyrics and he doesn’t hold back on this one.

Will doesn’t intentionally write political charged songs, they tend to write themselves I would guess. When he puts pen to paper and plays that first chord, I imagine the song takes on a life of its own. This song dives in to the deep end and takes on the President of the U.S.A. and many might not appreciate his candor. With lyrics like “Darth Vader with a spray tan” pretty much tells you who he is talking about. He talks about how the man is tearing the country apart and that the people about to stand up and take it all back. They are going to Overthrow him with their votes and send his ass packing and that is what happened.

Musically, it is one of Will’s heaviest, rocking tracks and won’t be typical of what I have for you with this series but I wanted to start with a bang and this one does it. It is dirty, gritty, raw and is like a fist to the face. It is straight up rock & rolll with a little punk edge at least that is what I get from it. Will’s gritty vocals are a perfect match to the music. For me, the drums and that guitar are the highlights as they are both so powerful and are making a statement just like the lyrics. It all blends together perfectly with the vocals and you get a song that grabs hold, shakes you a little and doesn’t let go. Hold on tight!

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. I am not looking for political commentary as your affiliation doesn’t matter. This is strictly about the song and how you feel about it. Let the fun begin. Now the rest of the songs might touch on some uncomfortable subjects and some won’t but it is all great. Will Hoge tells you how it is and what the country is going through…he is your modern day Mellencamp with the way he paints Americana and he is a modern day Dylan in that he has a way with words that speaks to you. Again, this is how I view him and my opinions, but I think he is amazing!!

“The Overthrow”

First rat off a dead ship
See it sinking like a stone
TV preacher with a fat lip
Crying in the pulpit all alone
I can see through you
Like a cheap sheet of glass
Sell a promise to a poor man
Steal it back so fast

The emptiness it shows
But you don’t believe it
I don’t think you know
But here comes the overthrow

Slow dancing with a straw man
With a match and gasoline
Darth Vader with a spray tan
And a girly magazine
Dance little monkeys
I see you feasting on the crumbs
It’s almost over
Hear them banging on the drums

The emptiness it shows
But you don’t believe it
I don’t think you know
But here comes the overthrow

The emptiness it shows
But you don’t believe it
I don’t think you know
It’s hard to conceive it
The emptiness it shows
But you don’t believe it
I don’t think you know
But here comes the overthrow
Here comes the overthrow

Written by Will Hoge

9 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “The Overthrow” by Will Hoge

  1. U have already turned me into this guy. Now if only I could find his cds somewhere….
    Looking forward to this series…

    Been wearing my Extreme t-shirt all weekend so I just had to put Extreme II on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just to let u know I have a red Billy Idol t-shirt too. Do u have a collection of band t-shirts? Which ones are your favorites?

    I wear my various Sepultura t-shirts a lot and Manics too. And Durbin ones. I think those get worn the most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do have a drawer full of T-Shirts. My favorites are the ones that are most comfortable which are Bryan Adams, Led Zeppelin and Scott Stapp. I have a Noble Records store T as well that is really comfortable…he’s a local record store.


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