Friday New Releases – September 15th

Well hold on to your hats, there is an abundance of new releases today.  Over 27 albums on the list so there has to be something for you.  For me, there are at least 10 I want to listen to, but I am sure I won’t make it through all of them.  The ones I want are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you would like to buy or hear.

  • 61KS6Xq7XTL._AC_US218_  Josh Todd & the Conflict – Year of the Tiger – (Century Media):  If there isn’t a Buckcherry new album, I will take  Josh Todd album and this one has me super excited.  This one seems to be a little harder than Buckcherry and I like that.  The harder the better baby!!

  • 91GkSim-z6L._AC_UL115_  Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold – (Roswell Records):  The Foo Fighters bring us another release and although my interest tends to fade over time, I still enjoy them and will give this one a listen.  What I have heard so far has been promising so maybe they have put together a decent album…we will wait and see.

  • 51zvfBx0iTL._AC_US218_  Steelheart – Through the Worlds of Stardust – (Frontiers Records):  Out of all the releases this week, this is the one I want to hear the most.  We have not had enough Steelheart albums over the years, but I have loved everyone.  It has been 9 years since Good2BAlive and that is way too long of a wait.  Miljenko Matijevic’s vocals have always been amazing and the song “You Got Me Twisted” sounds awesome.


  • 51oOY7UkoyL._AC_US160_  David Garrett – Rock Revolution – (Decca Records): Do you like the violin?  Do you like Rock?  Well then you are in luck. David Garrett turns rock songs into Classical gold.  I have always enjoyed his interpretations and this one has some great songs –  “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, “In the Air Tonight”, “Purple Rain” and so much more.  Check it out.

  • 51bQrZJHvDL._AC_US218_  Jesse Cook – Beyond Borders – (eOne Music Canada):  There is something about the guitar I love and Jesse Cook can play guitar. I also love flamenco music and when you put the two together you get greatness and that is Jesse Cook.  Give him a try if you have never heard of him.

  • 51MYUA3U8oL._AC_US218_  Bob Kulick – Skeletons in the Closet – (Vanity Music Group):  I can’t believe Bob Kulick is finally putting out a solo album.  Any true Kiss fan knows Bob Kulick as he has played on numerous Kiss songs and his brother Bruce is one of the best guitarist Kiss ever had in their band.  Now it is his time to shine.  I haven’t heard anything and don’t have a video, but I will give it a listen.
  • 51m3XceGxtL._AC_US218_  Gizmodrome – Gizmodrome:  Here is an interesting one that I am dying to hear.  Gizmodrome is made up of Stewart Copeland, Mark King, Vittorio Cosma and Adrian Belew.  The Police, Level 42 and King Crimson all rolled into one…should be something worth hearing.

The next few I hope to get to within the next couple weeks…

  • 51C-PvpH2xL._AC_US200_  Thousand Foot Krutch – Untraveled Roads (Live) – (TFK / The Fuel Music)
  • 81ndqXIovtL._SX425_  Kee of Hearts – Kee of Hearts – (Frontiers Records)
  • 61EXiIpvkCL._AC_US218_  Wayward Sons – Ghosts of Yet To Come – (Frontiers Records)
  • 61nSpTehzKL._AC_US218_  Marc Broussard – Easy to Love – (G-Man Touring)
  • 61DVtWTmDZL._AC_US218_  Ringo Starr – Give More Love – (Universal Music)
  • 51orp+gU1UL._AC_US160_  Seth McFarlane – In Full Swing – (Fuzzy Door Productions)
  • 41vLOEjrz8L._AC_US218_  Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves – (Better Noise Records)
  • 170x170bb  Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage – (Prophets of Rage/Concord)
  • 41tFtGsLL3L._AC_US218_  Bruce Cockburn – Bone on Bone – (True North)
  • 51ZVQrVgQRL._AC_US218_  Anastacia – Evolution – (Four Eyez Production)
  • 51HnjaQNDIL._AC_US218_  Madonna – Rebel Heart Tour (Live) – (Semtex Films)
  • 51-FuWhExEL._AC_US218_  Michael McDonald – Wide Open – (BMG Music)
  • 618HMSprg8L._AC_US218_  The Doors – The Singles (2CD/1DVD) – (Elektra Catalog Group)
  • 51F+8PbBgkL._AC_US218_  Yusef/Cat Stevens – The Laughing Apple – (A Decca Records Release)
  • 51+7TYuZqVL._AC_US218_  Gary Numan – Savage (Songs From a Broken World) – (BMG)
  • 613OYa65vGL._AC_US218_.jpg  Big & Rich – Did It For The Party – (B$R Records)
  • 516ZXTDil3L._AC_US218_  Celtic Thunder – Inspirational – (This Compilation)
  • 41voBE2nD5L._AC_US218_  Gucci Mane – Mr. Davis – (Atlantic Recording)
  • 41fpdoz3RaL._AC_US218_  Wyclef Jean – Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee – (Heads Music)
  • 61r3QTyeX0L._AC_US218_  Deer Tick – Deer Tick Vol. 1 – (PTKF)
  • 61MnL2PWWXL._AC_US218_  Deer Tick – Deer Tick Vol. 2 – (PTKF)

25 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – September 15th

  1. Not too much there tickling the spider senses, but I’m interested in Gary Numan’s latest and will likely check out Prophets of Rage (though my expectations aren’t particularly high).

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  2. Don’t waste your time with Concrete And Gold, it is honestly quite a crap album from the Foo Fighters. I’ve listened to it twice over and my opinion hasn’t changed. Don’t listen to anyone who’s say it’s a “good album” as they are just lying.

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      1. John as i was typing this last night it occurred to me that Sykes should scour youtube and pull a Journey and find a singer like Coverdale…bring back Murray/Dunbar and hit the road playing the 87 and call it WhiteSykes or SykesSnake?
        Whadda think?
        Cov would lose his shit if that actually happened….

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          1. Interesting…I think that Jorn fella sang on Malmsteems Eclipse? My brother had that one…
            Anyways I was listening to Eddie Trunk yesterday talk about Sykes and saying thats why Sykes hasn’t done much as he still has his full control over the publishing from the 87 album and will be getting more from you.myself and Ladano…hahaha

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          1. If you haven’t found your way to the Downtown Boys, a Latino punk band on Sub Pop, yet and you don’t mind a bit of discordancy I’d really recommend them to you too – this year’s LP is great.

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