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Lifehouse has been around since 1999 when they were known as Blyss, but it was their debut album under the name Lifehouse in 2000 that made them stars.  The album was ‘No Name Face’ and the song was “Hanging By a Moment” that brought them to my attention.  They have quietly been releasing albums ever since and now have 7 studio albums.

I think part of my enjoyment of the band is due to Jude Cole.  One of my all time favorite albums is by him called “A View From 3rd Street”.  Jude has been producing and writing songs with them for most of their career (around 2005) and that has shown through in the maturity of the songs and albums.

They finally released a greatest hits compilation back on July 14th, 2017 and it was pretty good as it had 18 tracks.  However, it was missing several songs that are better than some of the ones on the compilation.  So I figured why don’t I do a deep dive and give you the non-singles I think are the best.  I hope you enjoy.  They are in no particular order except my #1 favorite song is the last one on the list!

  • “Stardust” off the album ‘Out of the Wasteland’ (2015):  The great thing about this song is the sharing of leading vocals between Jason Wade and bass player Bryce Soderberg.  The two vocals compliment each other so well and adds a new dimension to the band.  On top of that, it is a great song.

  • “Unknown” off the album ‘No Name Face’ (2000):  This song was actually a holdover from Blyss.  Jason Wade sounds a lot like Eddie Vedder in his vocals and at times almost mumbling.  Something about it is really cool.  In these early days they had more of an alternative music sound compared to the more pop sound they have today.

  • “Disarray” off the album ‘Who We Are’ (2007):  The opening track on the album and a great little rocker.  The song is about Jason Wade’s strict religious upbringing and battling both angels & demons in life.  Sound wise, it is about as heavy as the band gets and I actually wish they did more of it.

  • “Had Enough (featuring Chris Daughtry)” off the album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ (2010):  One of the few songs they have done that feature another artist and they bring in Chris Duaghtry to do backing vocals.  If you like Daughtry, then this song is similar in style.  Chris had a hand in writing the tune along with the great Richard Marx.

  • “Gotta Be Tonight” off the album ‘Almeria’ (2012):  Another track that is the opening track on an album.  It has the grand chorus and there is a little part where there is a cool guitar sound (almost like a banjo) that includes some hand claps.  A fun tune for me.

  • “Undone” off the album ‘Lifehouse’ (2005):  This one is all Jason Wade on vocals and in writing credits.  Another upbeat track and sticking to their older sound of the more alternative than pop.  It is one of standout tracks on this album for me.

  • “Yesterday’s Son” off the album ‘Out of the Wasteland’ (2015):  One of their most unique songs they have done.  Very slow tempo with haunting vocals.  The harmonizing throughout is outstanding (but it might be just overdubbed and layer upon layer of Jason’s vocals).  The song is about not being your parents and an overall very moving song if you really listen to it.

  • “Who We Are” off the album ‘Who We Are’ (2007):  Another great upbeat track. The title song from the album, it is an embodiment of the band and the bond they have built with each other while touring.  And it shows in the music throughout on this album.

  • “Pins & Needles” off the album ‘Almeria’ (2012):  This song is only on the deluxe edition of the album.  It is a very catchy and upbeat pop song.  One of the shining moments on probably their weakest albums (which is hard for me to admit).

  • “Days Go By” off the album ‘Lifehouse’ (2005):  The album was a transition for the band from moving from their more alternative roots (which is still on “Undone” mentioned above) to more of the pop oriented sound (which this song starts leaning more towards).  However, the song has a little of their old sound.

  • “The Joke” off the album ‘Who We Are’ (2007):  One of my all time favorite songs they have done.  Nice little guitar riff.  The song is powerful as it relates to a story of boy who committed suicide from being bullied.  It is has a rock tone to it, but listen to the words and you realize the message behind it.  It is one of their finer writing moments.

  • “Firing Squad” off the album ‘Out of the Wasteland’ (2015):  A softer song then “The Joke” and a Jason’s vocals sound stellar.  A memorable chorus and the rhythm section sounds great throughout.  There was something I liked about this song from the moment I heard, but can’t describe what that it is.  I just really like the song.

  • “Lady Day” off the album ‘Almeria’ (2012):  Another song from the Deluxe edition only which brings two from this album.  Quite different than the rest of the album which is its appeal to me.  Slower in tempo with a catchy little chorus but stylistically different than the norm for them.

  • “Cling & Clatter” off the album ‘No Name Face’ (2000):  This song was another holdover from Blyss which means it is their old alternative rock sound.  Mid-tempo and has that post-grunge sound to it.  I need to go back and find the Blyss album and see how the rest of it sounds because they few they used for Lifehouse are great.

  • “Out of Breath” off the album ‘Stanley Climbfall’ (2002):  My only one from this album.  The rest that I like are on the greatest hits album.  It has a darker tone to it and Jason’s lyrics are a little mumbled as well on this one bringing that Eddie Vedder sound back to another song which is probably why I was drawn to it.

#1 – “Wrecking Ball” off the album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ (2010):  This is definitely not to be confused with Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”.  The song was never released as a single, but I gravitated to this song as there was something about it that was special.  It is actually not sung by Jason Wade their lead singer.  It was sung by their bassist Bryce Soderberg.  He sounds similar to Jason, but offers a new side for the band.  The vocals were smooth and carried the emotion the song was conveying.  The song was about a guy who was in a relationship that was not good for him.  The woman he is with is like a wrecking ball just building him up and tearing him down like the song says.  I think everyone has had a relationship like that at one time or another.  It is hard to believe the song almost didn’t make the record.  It would have been a shame.

There you have my favorite deep cuts from Lifehouse.  If you aren’t familiar with them, the greatest hits album is a great place to start as you get 18 tracks.  If you really dig that one, then start exploring their catalog or just go download these songs and you will be happy.

9 thoughts on “Lifehouse – Deep Dive Playlist

  1. I’m like Stephen, having mostly heard only their hit singles over the years. I’ve always liked Lifehouse, so thanks for causing me to listen to some of their other songs. The ones you chose are all good, and I especially like “Out of Breath,” “Had Enough” with Daughtry and “Yesterday’s Son.”

    And it’s funny they have a track called “Wrecking Ball” as well as an album called “Smoke & Mirrors” – though Imagine Dragons’ is called “Smoke + Mirrors.” But, after 60 years of pop, rock and other genres of music, many one or two-word song titles are being reused by many artists (remember my post on “Magic” songs?).

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