Fozzy – ‘Judas’ – Album Review

It is hard to believe Fozzy has been together for close to 20 years.  I remember when they came on the scene and I wasn’t overly impressed.  It was more of a cover band and this WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho, was the lead singer.  Being a wrestler didn’t give him much street cred in my book.  But over time, the band moved from a cover band to a real rock & roll band.  Now with their seventh studio album, ‘Judas’, I think Fozzy have created their masterpiece.

The songs are guitar heavy, modern and so damn catchy.  I would describe it as Pop Metal for the fact it is so melodic and every song is radio friendly.  The opening track and title track, “Judas”, is the perfect first single.  If you like this song, the album is a slam dunk.  You than go into “Drinkin’ With Jesus” with its great guitar solo, “Painless”, which is almost a power ballad but has a little more punch and than straight into “Weight of My World” which is the catchiest damn song on the whole album. It is one of my favorite songs on the album despite it being a little repetitive…that repetitiveness  works!!

The next couple of songs “Wordsworth Way” and “Burn Me Out” don’t slow things down.  “Wordsworth Way” is such a great production and a great guitar solo even as brief as it is (it still a guitar solo – me like those).  “Burn Me Out” doesn’t offer up much for me.  It is a little forgettable.

The most diverse song on the album for me is “Three Days In Jail”.  I like it when a band changes it up and this one does that for sure.  It has  Chris singing like normal and then it adds a lot of rap and even some guttural vocals where he is just screaming.  It shakes things up a bit.  Then it is back to pure rock with another of my favorite songs on the album, “Elevator”“Elevator” is straight up modern rock.  It is a rock anthem that pulls you in, gets you moving and leaves you wanting more.  It is another catchy song and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up as a single.


“Running With the Bulls” is yet another strong rocking track.  One of the heavier songs on the album.  The second misstep for me is “Capsized”. No matter how many times I have listened to the album, I can’t remember this track.  As catchy as all the songs are, this one missed the mark.  For that reason, I would have to delete it as it doesn’t do enough to catch my attention.  There is a killer guitar solo, but it is not enough to save the song.  The album than comes to the heaviest song on the album “Wolves At Bay”.  A darker, harder edge song with a Rich Ward screaming guitar solo on this one.  A great choice to end the album as it leaves you wanting more and you end up hitting replay immediately.

Track Listing:

  1. “Judas” – Keeper
  2. “Drinkin’ With Jesus” – Keeper
  3. “Painless” – Keeper
  4. “Weight of My World” – Keeper
  5. “Wordsworth Way” – Keeper
  6. “Burn Me Out” – Delete
  7. “Three Days in Jail” – Keeper
  8. “Elevator” – Keeper
  9. “Running With The Bulls” – Keeper
  10. “Capsized” – Delete
  11. “Wolves at Bay” – Keeper

9 keepers out 11 songs – 82% (4.1 out 5 stars) Fozzy has really outdone themselves on this album.  This might be my favorite album they have done.  They have found a formula that works and have crafted a fun, energetic and catchy as hell album.  The songs get stuck in your head and you will sing them long after you have stopped playing the record.  I am glad to see this old cover band is now a full-fledged rock band.  Excuse me while I leave and go play this album again.  Go pick up a copy.

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