T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts #2 – A Family Affair

Welcome back to T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts.  I didn’t expect to do another post so soon, but the Rock T-Shirt collection has taken a little twist.  It has become a family affair.  Not only have I been buying, but now my kids have to have band T-Shirts as well.

My oldest daughter is the worst.  Almost as bad as I am.  She has some concert T’s and now she has quite a few band shirts as well.  Here are her concert shirts for Ed Sheeran, James Bay and Tori Kelly…




And with the band shirts she has one normal T-Shirt and three that are ripped as I guess  that is the new trend with band shirts.  At least she has good taste in bands…Van Halen, David Bowie and Def Leppard.  She couldn’t name a David Bowie song to save her life though.  She just knows he is awesome because her Father has several albums and was upset when he died.





And not to be out done, my youngest daughter is in the act now.  She has an Ed Sheeran Concert shirt like the one above in black and she already had a Train Concert shirt from a few years back.  Now, she wanted a KISS shirt!  That’s my girl!!!


And of course this one is her favorite as it has The Demon on it.  She wore it for 3-4 days straight after we got it for her…and who can blame her.  And she wore it to school on the first or second day to let the world know she is a badass!!


And now back to my collection.  I haven’t really bought a lot since the last post.  It has mostly been the girls.  There were a few I forgot to put in my first post.  The first one is just a guitar shirt.  I love the Swiss army knife made up of Guitars…


And there was this one shirt that I am sure most will think is a mistake.   Do you know the band?  It came with a DVD release of one of their concert videos.  It is one of my favorite T-Shirts mainly for its simplicity plus I like the humor behind it.


There are a couple I have bought since the last post…Led Zeppelin (yes, another one), Journey Infinity and an Aerosmith Tour shirt.  The Zep one is so soft and comfortable…




And lastly, the wife knew I was looking for a Kiss shirt with the band members on it.  What she didn’t know is I was looking for a Love Gun or Destroyer type shirt.  She ended up buying me a shirt with the band members, but it was a current shirt with Tommy and Eric…which is fine but I wanted Ace & Peter.  Still…it is the thought that counts.


And lastly…I mean it this time…I actually have a pair of pajama pants with the Kiss logo.  They are awesome for when it gets cold out so they will be coming out of the drawer soon as we head into Fall…which means it will drop below 80 maybe by Christmas.  Sorry, not modeling them for you.


And to make matters worse, I was reading an article that listed 10 things men over 40 should not have.  I failed two of these items.  One was baseball caps.  They feel someone over 40 should not wear baseball caps.  Well FU!! I collect caps from everywhere we go on vacation so I have a bunch.  Plus, on the weekend if I get out and run errands before I shower, I put on a ball cap.  Second was Band T-Shirts!!  Oh well, FU!! again.  Not only do I have a ball cap on with those errands, I have a band T-Shirt on as well.  Actually, during the summer it is all I wear.  Get over it!!

Until next time…

14 thoughts on “T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts #2 – A Family Affair

  1. Haha love the attitude. As a 40 plus chap with more band shirts than I care to admit I can concede the Baseball cap thing on account of being English. The Libertines sang “There is no more depressing sight than that of an Englishman in a baseball cap” so I’m ruled out. You though man, you get a pass on that one

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  2. I love guys in baseball caps. My hubby is 60 and he still wears them. I’m the band T-shirt wearer in our house. He wears mostly plain, neon-colored shirts – they show up better on loading docks (he’s a trucker). He wears those instead of safety vests.

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  3. Band tees are cool, and that’s a fine collection you have there! The last 3 tees I bought were Motorhead, Metallica and Iron Maiden – all retro reprints which both amuse and please me because I had the originals of them back in the day. Can’t believe someone wrote a top ten saying people over 40 should stop wearing them! What a boring misery guts whoever came up with that. I sometimes still wear a baseball cap (I’m a Brit). They’re comfy, practical and have cool designs 🙂

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  4. I wouldn’t worry too much about people saying you shouldn’t have ball caps or rock shirts after 40. Do what you want! So long as you take the hat off when you enter a building (and definitely don’t wear it at the table at home or in a restaurant) then it’s all good! That’s not a random thing, that’s just respect and manners.

    Cool collections! Glad to see the kids getting involved. In our daughters’ memory box we have a Slayer onesie for newborns. YES! \m/ \m/

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