Turntables & Vinyl #12 – The CD Edition Update

If you remember back a few months for Turntables & Vinyl #8 – The CD Edition, I talked about all these CDs I received from someone in the neighborhood that was giving them away.  They were in really bad shape and there were 100’s I had to throw out due to broken or badly scratched CDs.

I managed to keep the CD covers in hopes of doing something artsy with them.  It turns out, I am not very artsy, so I decided to put them on a canvas and make them into a picture for my office wall.  Now, I decided, but I didn’t actually do the work.  My wife is the one that put this together as she is the creative one.

Below is a picture of the canvas with some of my favorite album covers from the lot I had to throw away.  I am very pleased with how it turned out and I have to thank my beautiful and talented wife for putting this together.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  The only thing I did was cut out the covers and decide the order to place them in even though she helped with that arrangement a little as well.  Okay, so she really did all of it.  She’s the best!


Now, I didn’t have any Kiss or Def Leppard albums to include which bothered me, so I printed out their logos and had them incorporated into the picture by only showing partial album covers for AC/DC Back in Black and the Beach Boys Greatest Hits album.  See which ones you recognize.  I think most of them are very classic albums and I was even able to use the Emerson, Lake and Palmer cover to Brain Salad Surgery which is one of my favorite album covers.

There you have it!

Until next time…have a great day.

25 thoughts on “Turntables & Vinyl #12 – The CD Edition Update

  1. That’s a good looking piece of music art and smart recycling. A mate of mine instead of throwing out his old and worn band teeshirts cuts out the logos and even the tour dates on the back, and then his wife sews them together – like a patchwork quilt. It looks really impressive.

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    1. LOL!! Are you more old school, then it is a silver disc much smaller than vinyl that uses a laser rather than a needle. If you are new school, it is like an MP3 except it is something physical that you can touch and is on a silver disc. Something like that.

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    1. My two favorite bands, so I had to put their logos in as I didn’t have a cover I was willing to mess up. I will tell her you liked it. Sadly, it isn’t on the wall anymore as I bought a massive wall unit to hold my albums so that wall is now covered.

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      1. Ah well at least you have that pic to remember what the wall looks like! I saw the post on WordPress and I clicked on it cause I saw the Def Leppard logo peaking out haha. I’m sorry you threw out your old albums, were you able to get new ones to start a new collection?

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