Tuesday’s Memes – Country Music

After doing one of these meme collections on Johnny Cash I might as well do one on Country.  I didn’t meant his to be an all out hatefest on Modern Country, but I couldn’t resist.  I don’t hate today’s country music, I just don’t think it is country music.  It is pop music with a Southern twang.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it…




Now it is time for the real bashing to begin…





New Cowgirl Memes 25 best ideas about country music meme on pinterest


I hope you enjoyed…see you next time…ya’ll come back now, ya hear!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Memes – Country Music

  1. Modern country is so weird looking to Europeans. It’s just like pop music from some bizzarro world alternative universe. And kind of icky. To Europeans that is ( not baton’ just not understanding) . It’s like K Pop or EuroDance but in the English language

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