Friday New Releases – August 10th

As we get further into August things keep getting better.  One more really, really busy week ahead at work and hopefully things can relax a little.  To help me get over the stress, there are a handful of releases I am going to check out and maybe you will as well.  I have highlighted my choices in Blue.  Let me know what you are interested in and if I missed anything interesting (which J. will tell you I usually do!!)

  • 41ZjEis7TUL._AC_US436_QL65_  Rhett Walker Band – Rhett Walker Band EP – (Provident Label Group) – I really dig Rhett’s music.  It is Christian rock with a little southern rock and blues thrown in.  A great combination.  Always powerful and thought provoking at times and all around a joy to listen to when you drop the needle (or push play on your phone…either way works).  My only sadness is that it is an EP and not a full length album…hopefully soon.

  • 51hgLuCCTjL._SS500  Jason Mraz – Know – (Atlantic Recordings):  Jason Mraz finally releases a new album after 4 years…it seems much longer.  The Mr. A to Z wordsmith has a way of writing that is unmatched.  He can go pop, reggae, hip hop and anywhere he wants and it is always fun to follow along.  High hopes for the new stuff as always.

  • 61I21FxMMwL  Enuff Z’nuff – Diamond Boy – (Frontier Records):  I haven’t decided if this will get a listen or not.  Chip Znuff is the only original member left and not sure what we will be getting.  The video below isn’t totally impressive, so a little worried.  They were never one of the top 80’s bands, but had some shining moments.

  • 916UupxEfWL._SX522_  The Magpie Salute – High Water I – (Eagle Rock Entertainment):  The debut album from Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes.  That is all I need to know to give it a listen.  The single below sounds great and hoping for more of the same on the whole album. I need something good right now to listen to and maybe this will be it.

  • 81xaogl2s0L._SX522_  Shooter Jennings – Shooter – (Elecktra)
  • A1zjyy81xmL._SX522_  Jordan Smith – Only Love – (Republic Records)
  • 61WWjYm6EjL._AC_US436_QL65_  Il Divo – Timeless – (Decca Gold)
  • 51z8WXTe8CL._SS500  Nicki Minaj – Queen – (Young Money/Cash Money Records)
  • 81J9FlACtOL._AC_UL140_SR140,138_  Primal Fear – Apocalypse – (Frontier Records)
  • 41IAW4ZbFlL._AC_UL115_  3.2 – The Rules Have Changed – (Frontiers Records)

12 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – August 10th

  1. I’d maybe give the Magpie thing a go. Maybe. I dunno, time and a zillion bands have come between me following their every move and me thinking the brothers’ fight doesn’t interest me at all. Give me time and I might find space to listen to it as a stand-alone with no past associations. That would likely help.


  2. I was in a record store this week and they had Magpie on.
    It sounded AWESOME!!!!! They would not sell me one before the release day though. 😦

    I will be buying this, and I will be seeing his brother with CRB Saturday night. For free!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Darn the record store for following the rules. I guess they wanted to continue getting their shipments on time.

      Cool on seeing CRB and for free at that. I hope you get more than you paid for.


    1. I have listened to a little of the album and it is pretty tame for me right now. I have been working like crazy and when I drive home late at night I need something a lot heavier. I will get to it when things slow down.

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