Friday New Releases – February 8th

Happy Friday!  I can’t wait for the weekend!  Why you ask?  Duh, no work and all music all the time!!  Not a whole lot this week, but a couple I will try out and they will be highlighted in Blue.  Let me know if there is anything for you or let me know what I am missing out on.  Hopefully there is something for you…I know that Bolton one is calling everyone’s name…”Listen to me (insert name here)”.

  • 41SejAdLM+L._SS500.jpg  7eventh Time Down – Brand New Day – (BEC Recordings):  A Christian rock band or pop rock…whatever you want to call it…I will give it a try.  I have enjoyed their first few albums and there is always one or two songs that blow me away so hoping for more of that.  I just like the positive messages and the good grooves.  Check them out! (Update…I guess I need to stop doing these three weeks ahead because this got moved to March 1st…sorry about that).

  • download-9  Sister Hazel – Fire E.P. – (Croakin’ Poet Records):  I remember their 90’s hits (or at least “All for You”) so why not see what they have to offer in 2019.  They are doing a lot of E.P.s.  They did two last year (Water & Wind) and now comes Fire.  I think I missed the other two so I will check this one out and go back and listen to the others.

  • 715CMrXqNjL._SX522_  Michael Bolton – A Symphony of Hits – (Entertainment One):  Michael Bolton I hear you calling me to listen this album, I will see what I can do.  Some new material would be way better than rehashing the hits yet again.  The temptation is killing me…I…Must…Listen!!!  Or maybe not…who knows.  No video for this one.
  • 91+hwim-+sl._sx522_  Beast in Black – From Hell With Love – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 51uwmqewvxl._ac_us320_ql65_  LCD Soundsystem – Electric Lady Sessions – (Columbia Records)
  • 81dh++dc4ul._sx522_  Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock – (Merge Records)
  • 91opy6hwqhl._ac_ul115_  The Lemonheads – Varshons 2 – (Fire Records)

15 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – February 8th

  1. I wasn’t aware Bob Mould and The Lemonheads had albums on the way, so I’ll need to check them out.

    I can’t think of anything out today that’s interesting me…

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