Airbourne – Diamond Cuts Box Set – Album Review

This Australian heavy metal band is a full on rock band that is loud, obnoxious and freaking awesome.  If you like AC/DC, well here is the second coming of the band.  Where Greta Van Fleet get blasted for sounding like Zeppelin, no one seems to care that these guys sound like AC/DC.  Hell, they are doing AC/DC better than AC/DC right now.

If you don’t know about the band, know that Lemmy (Motorhead) was a huge fan of the band and even showed up in one of their music videos from their debut album.  That was enough for me to give this band a try and and I am so glad I did.  After Lemmy’s passing, the band paid tribute to Lemmy in their song “It’s All For Rock & Roll” and even had the airplane lighting rig Motorhead used on tour in the video.  It was pretty cool to see.

After the band’s fourth album, ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’, they decided to put together a collection of B-Sides together for an album and released it as a Box Set that included their first 3 albums.  I received the Vinyl Edition as a Christmas gift from my girls and to top if off, the bought “Breakin’ Outta Hell’ on vinyl as well.  My Airbourne Vinyl collection was complete.


The Band for these albums consists of a couple brothers and some friends.  They are as follows:

  • Joel O’Keeffe – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar
  • Ryan O’Keeffe – Drums
  • Justin Street – Bass
  • David Roads – Rhythm Guitar (since left the band)

I am not going to review each album, that will come down the road I am sure.  Maybe a ranking of worst to first.  What I will do is just mention each album and show you lots of pictures.  I wanted to highlight the nice set more than review each and every song at this time.


We will kick it off with the debut album ‘Runnin’ Wild’.  The album came out in 2007, four years after the band was formed.  The album did really well for the band and won them numerous accolades including Best New Band and Best Rock Album from numerous websites and magazines.  The music is gritty, dirty, raunchy and pure rock ‘n roll.  Think old school and loud with no apologies.  This is what real rock should sound like.  Great songs such as “Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast” and “Diamond in the Rough” are what they are about.


The next album, ‘No Guts, No Glory’, is the band’s least favorite, but I don’t know why.  One thing is, they hated the cover art.  Yes, the cover is just okay, but the gatefold picture is a different story…


The band also felt the album was missing a common thread throughout.  However, I feel there were some great tracks such as “Raise the Flag”, “Chewin’ the Fat” and “Born to Kill” would make great live tracks.  All-in-all, I still think it is a screamer.


The album cover sums this album up.  It is angry and has a lot of bite.  The band has a way of just going full-tilt all the time.  Don’ expect any ballads from these guys as that is not their thing.  Loud rock & roll is what you expect and what you get.  “Ready to Rock”, “Back in the Game” and “Live It Up” are just a few of the raucous songs that will leave you wanting more.

And what they have done with three of the releases is have a Gatefold album jacket which is great.  A little more bang for the buck.  This one is just the band, but still a nice touch.



‘Diamond Cuts’ is a collection of all the B-Sides and/or Bonus tracks from the first 3 albums.  So, if you didn’t buy the Special Editions of the albums, you get everything in one package.  And let me tell you, these 15 songs as a collection are one helluva an album in their own right.  It is the sound you love from the band and holds up well on its own.  To me, since I didn’t have bonus tracks, is the bands 5th studio album.  I love it will listen to it as much as I will the other albums.  I love “Kickin It Old School”, “Heavy Weight Lover”, “Money” and “Stand and Deliver”, but honestly it all delivers.

And let’s not forget the gatefold…



As a special bonus, you get a 45 minute documentary on the band on DVD.  It is a great behind the scenes look of a concert and a story about the band.  These guys rock hard and party hard and leave it all out on the stage…which is what you want from a rock band.  They are constantly touring and giving it their all.  (the picture sucks, but I was too tired and lazy this morning to retake it…sorry I know I owe you more than that)


If you haven’t heard of the band or listened to them in a while, they are worth checking out.  If you want to get everything for a decent price, get this box set as it will not disappoint.  It isn’t full of special books, posters or anything, it is just full of dirty rock & roll and we all need that in our lives.  I will score the package a 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars as it gives you what you want, but nothing more.

Here is everything you get with it…dog not included…


…the dog is always with me when I am writing and hanging out in my office, so he must stay with me.  He is waiting for me to finish taking pictures so he can come lay by my chair while I write and crank out the tunage.  I love my Bear!!

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  1. “Hell, they are doing AC/DC better than AC/DC right now.”
    Hey, woah! Hey, woah!… I mean, you’re probably right but… Hey, woah!

    PS: This is in my amazon wishlist. Just waiting on a sweet price drop.

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