My Sunday Song – “A Million to One” by Kiss

For My Sunday Song #132, we continue the Kiss theme going with the song “A Million to One” from the 1983 album ‘Lick it Up’.  ‘Lick it Up’ is the first non-makeup era Kiss album and saw the band see a resurgence in popularity.  Taking the make-up off made them slightly relevant again.  “A Million to One” was never released as a single and is arguably the best song on the album…IMO!!

The song was written by Paul Stanley and Vinnie Vincent (who did not save Kiss) which tells the story of our hero of the song telling his ex-lover that there is basically no hope in hell she will find a love as great as his.  Paul’s cocky attitude in the lyrics and the vocals propel this into one of his greatest performances on a song.

Musically, the song hits on all cylinders as well.  The powerful sound coming from Eric’s drum gave this song an extra punch that you felt with each swing of the sticks.  Between ‘Creatures of the Night’ and ‘Lick it Up’, I don’t know if the drum sound from Kiss ever sounded better.  Not to be outshined, Vinnie’s guitar playing is masterful with great riffs and a great solo all along with the underrated rhythm guitar of Paul.


The song and the album are worth checking out.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.  I am hoping that from these songs I post from Kiss will strike a chord and make you look in to them a little deeper than the hits.  I hope you enjoyed and have a Happy Sunday!!

“A Million To One”

Baby, now that you’ve made up your mind
I’m gonna let you go,
if that’s what it takes to show love is blind
I gave you the best love you ever had,
but it wasn’t enough
So if you think you’re so smart,
go and play with your heart
When you walk out the door,
you’ll realize what you never did before

A million to one – that’s what it will be
A million to one – there’s someone better than me
A million to one – no, you never will find
A million to one – another love like mine

Yeah, we chose our sides and I’ve been misunderstood
But everytime I try to open your eyes,
I’m damned and I’m no good
Day after day, you’re further away, I can’t take anymore
So it’s time that you go,
but I want you to know, I won’t stand in your way
Deep in my heart I know, girl you’re runnin’ away


A million to one
One of these days you’ll come out of your haze,
no matter what you do
It’ll be too late, something good won’t wait,
love is runnin’ out on you
A million to one, a million to one


listen to your heart girl – a million to one – oh

A million to one – no, you never will find
A million to one – another love like mine
A million to one [repeats out]

Written by Paul Stanley and Vinnie Vincent

6 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “A Million to One” by Kiss

  1. Nice point about Paul’s underrated rhythm guitar work – a good rhythm player is important! In the obituaries to Malcolm Young, it was nice to see many people acknowledging how integral his rhythm contributions were to so many of the ACDC anthems

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  2. Great call on the drum sound! This song is a great track period which doesn’t follow the protocol of a power ballad. I call it a mid temp commercial track with a boot up the ass kinda tune. In other words it doesn’t puss out!
    Vincent stepped up on these two albums and maybe didn’t save but his songwriting revitalized a band from life support….
    Great post! Great selection!

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