Nita Strauss – ‘Controlled Chaos’ (2018) – Album Review

I am a little behind on reviews, so excuse the lateness of this one.  I almost passed it over due to the lateness, but I felt this one needed to be done.  Nita Strauss’ ‘Controlled Chaos’ is nothing short of spectacular so I had to talk about it.

Instrumental albums are hard for me to write-up as I am not a guitarist (although learning) or a musician.  I mean how many times and how many ways can I say the guitar work is sensational.  Well, I will say it at least a few times.  Nita’s guitar work is sensational…she is a beast…she is one of the most exciting guitarists out there today.  Plus, you know she is one of the best if Alice Cooper has her in his band.  I saw them tour last year and she was quite phenomenal!


And another way I can tell you it is great is the fact I actually bought a physical CD.  I normally stream new music and buy used vinyl and special edition box sets.  New releases only get bought, if they are beyond exceptional and well, this is just that.  So, I showed my support by actually spending my hard in dollars on her album.  People should do way more of that.


What I love about the album is how well the songs work together and flow.  The songs have structure and they aren’t just a bunch of licks thrown together to show off her ability.  There is thought and passion behind each track.

You get some pretty heavy tracks that will practically melt your face off.  You get some technically brilliant finger work and mastery of the fretboard ( “Alegria”, “Mariana Trech” and “Pandemonium 2.0”) and she even shows her softer side at times (“Here With You” and “Hope Grows”). Nita also handles all the bass work on the songs as well.  Is there anything she can’t do.


And another thing great about the album is the drum work which is handled by Jimmy Villalta (her significant other btw).  I didn’t know kick drums could be kicked so damn fast.  He is just as fast as she is at times.  The two together made some great music.

All original songs except for the final song which is an instrumental version of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”.  And let me tell you, she nails it.  She captures all the greatness of the original and her guitar makes for a wonderful Freddie Mercury stand-in.

The time flies by so fast that you can’t believe the 11 tracks are over, so you start it back up again and keep enjoying it.

And the booklet in the case folds out into a dual sided mini-poster, and with Nita being on it is a huge plus…


The album score is 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars.  Nita Strauss is a force to be reckoned with and I hope she continues to do solo work in her down time from Alice’s busy touring schedule.  The album lives up to its name in its energy as it is chaotic, but controlled.  If you are in to guitarists, she is one of the best and you need to get familiar with her work right now.  Don’t hesitate any longer.

6 thoughts on “Nita Strauss – ‘Controlled Chaos’ (2018) – Album Review

  1. Your enthusiasm for this one is pretty clear. I’m not usually a fan of guitar workout instrumental stuff (I was worn out by some of the recent Satriani stuff, but I like that this appears to be a bit more than that.

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  2. I find it hard to write instrumental reviews as well. You did well though! “Melt your face off” is exactly the kind of information I am looking for! Anyway I have had my eyes on this but have not pulled the trigger yet! Your review pushes my finger a little further down…

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