Friday New Releases – May 10th

Happy Friday!!  It is when there are new releases that I want and this has a few.  Some I will buy and some I will stream, but it is new music and that is what I look forward to on Fridays…well that and the work week ending.  Let me know what you are looking forward to hearing this weekend and let me know if I am missing anything.  Mine are marked in Blue.  Have a great listening weekend!!

  • 81SGZps2uQL._SS500_  Whitesnake – Flesh and Blood – (Frontiers Records):  The first album with Joel Hoekstra on lead guitar and around 8 years since the last album of new material.  That is quite a break.  Now, I haven’t listened to anything yet as I want to listen to it all for the first time at once.  I hope it is heavy, loud and simply fantastic.

  • 71WHiV6RogL._SS500_  Sammy Hager & the Circle – Space Between – (BMG):  Sammy and Micheal Anthony seemed to be joined at the happy and Michael is part of every project Sammy does (except the Tequila business).  This one throws Vic Johnson on guitar and Jason Bonham on drums.  Another one I haven’t listened to anything yet. I will take it all in at one time.

  • 9176q57hXsL._SX522_  Parachute – Parachute – (Parachute/Thirty Tigers):  I like my pop rock as well and Parachute fills that void nicely.  It has been a few years since the last one and I am eager for new business.  Sometimes you just need nice, upbeat pop music and Parachute usually delivers in spades.

  • 81n5S7XSbqL._AC_UL115_  Howard Jones – Transform – (Howard Jones):  Howard Jones has a new album!! Yes, I am in.  I can’t wait to hear what he has to offer as I haven’t bought a Howard Jones album since the 80’s so this should be interesting to hear.  Can’t wait.  I wonder if his synth pop can only get better!!

  • newsboysunited  Newsboys – United – (Newboys, Inc):  I am a huge Michael Tait fan.  I love his Nat King Cole style vocals.  This one could be good because it looks like Tait could be sharing vocals with former lead singer Peter Furler and if that is the case, totally cool…if you like Christian Pop music.

  • 71IT4gik5UL._SX522_  Black Label Society – Sonic Brew (20th Anniversary Blend) – (Entertainment One)
  • 71r-5FZUOFL._SS500_  Steven Curtis Chapman – A Great Adventure (Live) – (Spring House Productions)
  • 61wqZBkIzUL._SX522_  Dionne Warwick – She’s Back – (Kind Music Group)
  • 91c0cSQ5CBL._SS500_  Ciara – Beauty Marks – (Beauty Marks Entertainment)


20 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 10th

  1. I preordered The Circle’s album Space Between a way’s back and have heard three tracks, and they were all good!
    Whitenake is a possibility as well! Also Sean Kelly (I did a 10 Question’s with last year has released a new song with his band Crash Kelly which came out today and is excellent which I’m now headed to iTunes to buy!
    Check out the track John as I posted it to my facebook page.
    This has been a better friday for new music in a while!

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    1. I have started the Whitesnake it is okay so far. A couple songs are awesome and the rest so far is so-so, but I am really tired this morning and not in the best mood so i will give it more listens before I decide…however the review is a year or two out due to what I have starting up in a month or so.
      Can’t wait to hear the Sammy one. I have purposely not listened to anything yet. I might need to check out Crash Kelly since he was kind enough to answer your questions.

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  2. You already know which two I want!
    Probably won’t be getting out to buy them this weekend (Mother’s Day). I’ll place an Amazon order and get em soon enough.

    Can’t believe it’s been 8 years since Nevermore, but it seems right.

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  3. Black Label Society maybe but probably not.
    Maybe Whitesnake. Probably Sammy and Michael. I will probably check out Crash Kelly.
    I will also be buying the new Zig Zags album.


  4. Nothing for me this week. The next two weeks have got stuff scheduled for me – Black Mountain next week and Earth the following week. Yas!

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