Matt Nathanson – ‘At the Point’ – Album Review

For the regulars of my site, they already know I am a huge Matt Nathanson fan.  For those non-regulars, I will let you know I am a huge Matt Nathanson fan.  I have been re-exploring his earlier catalog lately and I want to point out a great live set he has available called ‘At the Point’.

‘At the Point’ was recorded, well, at The Point.  The Point is an intimate club in Philadelphia, PA.  It was recorded in the Summer of 2005 and released in 2006.  It is only Matt and his acoustic guitar.  Nothing or no one else.

What I love about this album is it is a lot of his old songs from before my discovery of Matt which was around 2007 or so.  The album showcases his live performance, his ability to own a crowd, his comedic stylings (he is one funny SOB), his voice and most importantly his songwriting and musicianship.

From such classics as “Church Clothes”, “Answering Machine”, “Curve of the Earth” and “I Saw” to his cover of Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet” and Drivin’ N Cryin’s “Straight to Hell”, you get lost in his performances as they are delivered so flawlessly and seem so personal.  You get laughs as he tells stories that will have you laughing your ass off and you just get an hour and seven minutes of pure enjoyment.  This is what a live album should be.  Something you can feel and connect with.

Track Listing:

  1. Decade of Hits (Dialogue)
  2. Angel
  3. I Saw
  4. Church Clothes
  5. Curve of the Earth
  6. Princess
  7. A Line from Lie (Dialogue)
  8. Bent
  9. All Been Said Before
  10. Lost Myself In Search of You
  11. Romeo and Juliet
  12. St Louis Pants (Dialogue)
  13. Fall to Pieces
  14. More than This
  15. Philadelphia Song (Dialogue)
  16. Answering Machine
  17. Suspended
  18. Singe Me Sweet (Bonus Track)
  19. Straight to Hell (Bonus Track)

I would give this a 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars as it captures who and what Matt Nathanson is all about.  The only reason it isn’t a perfect 5.0 Stars is due to the sound at times was hard to hear him when he was chatting, but other than that it is utter brilliance!!

P.S.  Matt, if you should ever read this review, can you start putting your earlier work out on Vinyl. I would love to own those albums on vinyl.  Thanks man!!


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