Friday New Releases – May 17th

Happy Friday and thankfully the weekend is here.  It is time for sun and fun and new music.  There a few releases this week, but only a couple that I am really interested in and they will be highlighted in Blue.  Take a look through and let me know what you are interested in hearing or buying and if there is anything I might have missed as that is known to happen.  Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!!

  • 71qH4BeDx+L._SX522_  Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild – (Frontiers Records): One of many Swedish hard rock and glam metal scene and they have been around since 2002.  Only two original members left and they are Danny Rexon (Lead Singer) and Joel Cirera (Drums) and I am okay with it.  They have hit and missed sometimes, but I am still interested in what they have to offer because it will probably be fun.

  • 71HPj4+fyzL._SX522_  Paul Gilbert – Behold Electric Guitar – (Mascot Label Group):  The guitar extraordinaire from Mr. Big is back with another solo album.  With a title like ‘Behold Electric Guitar’, I think you know what you are about to hear.  More electrifying guitar work from a master player.  How could this not be great?  I guess we will find out soon enough.

And that is really it for me.  The BLS one below, I will stream when I find time, but not sure anything else really grabs my attention. Hopefully it will for you.

  • 71YCYFQd92L._SS500_  Black Label Society – Sonic Brew (20th Anniversary Blend 5.99-5.19) – (Wylde Wreckordings)
  • 81tC0DJbxwL._SX522_  Jimmie Vaughan – Baby, Please Come Home – (JLV Productions)
  • Rammstein-untitled-2019-album.png  Rammstein – Rammstein – (Vertigo/Capitol)
  • 71dSR5xVzFL._SX522_  Interpol – A Fine Mess E.P. – (Matador)
  • 917mqMfB2RL._SX522_  Nick Lowe – Love Starvation / Trombone – (Yep Roc Records)
  • 81dzD3qzMYL._SS500_.jpg  Steel Pulse – Mass Manipulation – (Rootfire Cooperative)
  • 815JLT5ZpaL._AC_UL115_  Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated – (Schoolboy/Interscope)
  • 81N1MUq9aXL._SX522_  The Head and the Heart – Living Mirage – (Warner Bros)
  • 81noX6H2YUL._AC_SX200_SY200_  The National – I Am Easy to Find – (4AD)
  • 816pxp7NSqL._SS500_  Avatar – The King: Live in Paris – (Entertainment One)

17 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 17th

  1. The National is the one I’m excited about… and it was only yesterday that I realised it was landing this week. So that’s jolly good.

    I’m another interested in the Carly Rae Jepson album and I’ll also check out the Jimmie Vaughan album.

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  2. It seems like Zakk Wylde is releasing/re-releasing music every week. This re-release has 2 bonus accoustic tracks. A maybe from me.
    Canadian band Glass Tiger has new album out today. Maybe but probably not.
    Maybe Crazy Lixx, Paul Gilbert, Head & The Heart, Rosetta Stone, Katatonia, Ronnie Lane, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.
    Probably Rammstein, Jimmie Vaughn, St Vitus, Lo-Pan.

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